Sapphire stone: properties, colors and legends with pictures

Sapphire belongs to the gemstone group, which is a group consisting of four stones that are considered the most expensive in the world and the most valuable, as they include diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. In this stone, several meanings are manifested, including protection and wisdom, as it is one of the exceptional stones that have the ability to affect human life, according to legends. It is believed to enhance feelings of joy, faith, hope and protection from evils during long journeys. Not to mention its other advantages, it brings light and peace, supports the cells of the mind, improves the taste of aesthetics and the speed of perception. It is believed that the sapphire stone has the ability to instill hope in souls so that latent desires and dreams may be fulfilled.

stone name sapphire, ruby
Quality gemstone
Composition Corundum with chromium
chemical classification oxides
Chemical formula Al2O3:Cr
degree of hardness 9 mousse (maximum 10 scale)
refractive index 1.768 to 1.772
1.760 to 1.763
specific density 3.97 to 4.05
Crystal Formation Hexa
Cleavage There is no
Fracture Oyster, cracked
the sparkle vitreous
Transparency transparent, opaque
Colors red, pink
scattering 0.008
Melting temperature 2400 Celsius
astrological month July

  1. Properties of Sapphire Noun Stone
  2. sapphire, ruby ​​ Quality gemstone
  3. Installation Corundum with Chromium Chemical Classification
  4. (Oxides
  5. Chemical formula Al(2) O(3):Cr
  6. Degree of hardness 9 mohs (maximum in scale) ) Refractive index 1. up to 1. 772 1. up to 1.3592
  7. specific density 3. 388 up to 4. Crystal Formation Hexa
  8. Cleavage nothing
  9. Fracture Oyster, cracked Sparkle ) vitreous
  10. Transparency transparent , opaque
  11. Colors red, pink
  12. Dispersal 0. 330 Melting temperature 2016 Silesian the month The astronomer July
  13. Red Ruby Gem Shape
  14. Sapphire colors
  15. the Red
  16. (Dark Red)
  17. Light red
  18. Pink
  19. The shape of two sapphires
  20. The colors of sapphires are limited to red in its gradations, and it is characterized by an attractive glass luster.
  21. gold ring shape Inlaid with sapphires

Locations of the sapphire stone

  1. Picture of natural sapphire stone
  2. Burma – Myanmar (the finest sapphire)Sri Lanka
  3. Thailand
  4. India
  5. (Madagascar)
  6. AustraliaBrazil
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Vietnam (Tajikistan)
  9. Tanzania

Natural sapphire ring shape

The sapphire stones mined from Burma are more costly than sapphires taken from other places due to their superb quality and unique shine. The sapphire from India is likewise of the highest grade.

  1. elegance Red sapphire while wearing it
  2. Composition of the chemical sapphire stone
  3. Sapphire stone appearance

Aluminum oxide is the chemical formula of sapphire stone, which means that this stone is practically composed of aluminum oxide, ie alumina. The hardness of sapphire stones is the largest in the world of minerals, as it reaches 9 percent 20 on the Mohs scale.

Sapphire is a different form of aluminum oxide, which makes the outer stone nearly identical to that of sapphire. There are no differences between them except in the small amounts of extra atoms called impurities, which embed themselves in aluminum oxide and change many of the properties of sapphire compared to sapphire stone. Sapphire’s distinctive color comes from chromium inclusions, scientists believe. In this particular case, one electron falls from the iron atom and falls with the titanium atom. Then this electron will be able to absorb the energy of the red color within the colors of the spectrum and thus effectively transmit frequencies from blue to purple from the light colors of the spectrum. And here is exactly what gives the ruby ​​stone its famous and distinctive dark red color.

Large Sapphire Ring

As for the rest of the colors; It is believed that the materials it produces are characterized by a mixture of iron and chromium. One is often able to see rutile spots in a sapphire under a magnifying glass, unlike rutile quartz, where rutile needles can be seen under the naked eye.

Natural sapphire gem shape

What is the difference between sapphire and pink sapphireThe word sapphire refers to shades of red, which virtually guarantees the color pink. Despite this, there are cultural differences in the interpretation of the term sapphire compared to pink sapphire. In some gem-producing countries such as Sri Lanka, pinks have always been considered sapphire, while in many consuming countries it is classified as pink sapphire.

Sapphire gem shape

Sapphire stones are distinguished on the principle that red must be the dominant color in the stone before it can be classified. . Where the color is compared with a group of standard colors and determine the type and classification by appearance. The importance of determining the difference between sapphire and sapphire is that sapphire has a higher value than pink sapphire. This matter confuses many traders and some exploit it to achieve higher profits.

Inlaid ring shape With a precious sapphire stone

What is a Burmese sapphire The Burmese sapphire is called a red-purple or pink sapphire. The sapphire extracted from Burma is also called in relation to the name of the country in which the mines are extracted from. . The Burmese sapphire is a gemstone that is in high demand and is widely used in the manufacture of various jewelry.

The shape of various natural sapphires

Natural Sapphire vs. Synthetic Sapphire Natural sapphire is formed under the earth’s crust over the course of million years, while laboratory-created sapphires are manufactured in a controlled environment and under special conditions.

Real Sapphire Ring Shape

The sapphire that is inclined It was created in the laboratory to be much cheaper than natural sapphire. It also tends to be free from the flaws and impurities found in natural sapphires. Chemically, laboratory-produced sapphire is identical to natural sapphire in terms of composition and chemical properties.

The choice between synthetic sapphire and natural sapphire is up to your personal taste and available budget. Both are identical in appearance, exquisite and attractive, and are difficult to distinguish from the other for non-experts while wearing them.

Determination of the quality of a sapphire stone

Sapphire tops the prices of colored gemstones, as the prices of high-quality types are constantly rising and breaking records year after year. Slight differences in color can result in significant differences in value. A ruby ​​with a red color that is free from visible impurities to the eye has a higher price. The price of a sapphire per carat can increase significantly with increasing size, especially for higher quality sapphires.

1. Sapphire color

The color of sapphire varies based on the conditions of formation and whether it is untreated or heat treated. Color is the most important factor affecting the value of a sapphire. The highest quality rubies have an attractive red to purplish red color. Pure reds are the most expensive and orange and purple sapphires are less valuable.

Neither too dark nor too light is preferred for best quality. If the color is too dark, it negatively affects the brightness of the stone. On the other hand, if the color is very light, the stone may be considered a rose sapphire, even if the strength or intensity of the color is high.

2. purity of sapphire

Sapphire is expected to contain some impurities, even if at least a small amount, because impurities-free sapphire does not exist in nature. The value of a sapphire depends on how clear the inclusions are. Inclusions that reduce transparency or brightness, reduce the value of sapphire drastically.

If the inclusions are large and prominent in the stone, they greatly reduce the transparency and luster. Inclusions can also limit the durability of sapphire. Large fractures that reach the surface also pose a risk that may lead to stone breaking. Crossed needles can also cause the star effect known in gemstones.

Sapphire inclusions include delicate minerals called needles. When the mineral is in rutile inclusions and needles are present in cross groups, it is called silk. The needles may be short or long and slender, and may appear to be woven together tightly. Sapphires can also have needles made up of other minerals, small crystals, or areas of contrasting color.

Some inclusions can contribute positively to the gem’s appearance. The presence of rutile silk scatters the light through potentially dark areas, adding softness to the color and spreading the color evenly.

3. Sapphire Design

Several factors affect how the sapphire is cut and its design as a stone, for example the natural sapphire extracted in the form of a crystal is cut in specific shapes. The most famous way in which sapphires are cut is hexagonal.

The most common shapes of sapphire designs are oval and square, with crowns on the sides shaped in triangular shape, and cut wings with concentric rows of rectangular or square. Round and triangle sapphires, emerald, pear and marquise designs are also available. But these shapes are rare in large sizes of sapphires.

Raw sapphires are expensive, so the most economical methods are used that avoid a lot of waste and help keep as much weight as possible. The colors in sapphire are a key factor in determining the quality of the cut and the design, as the color Red appears as red-purple if cut in one crystalline direction and red-orange in the other direction.

4. Carat size and weight of a sapphire

A sapphire whose weight exceeds one carat is considered to be of great rarity, so its price increases directly with the increase in its weight and size. The price of sapphire doubles more with each carat. To get the best value when buying a sapphire, we advise you to choose a 0.9 carat sapphire instead of a 1 carat sapphire because the price difference is usually large and the difference in appearance and quality is not large. But that matter remains up to your personal taste and preferences.

  1. Legends of Sapphire
  2. Here are the most prominent beliefs about sapphire as follows:
  3. Increased self-confidence Improve Personal Attributes (Strengthening the bones)
  4. improvement Skin Health (Treatment of skin problems
  5. Bringing Love (One of the best stones in this connection)
  6. Bringing PowerBringing prestigeBring money Achieving financial success
  7. Increased Perception
  8. Improving performance in the tests (treatment of depression)
  9. Strengthening and consolidating feelings

The Advantages of Wearing a Sapphire Stone Necklace The sapphire stone has the ability to guide healing energies to whatever is required of it, even without the conscious participation of the beneficiaries of such energies, and such participation is a manifestation of internal and autonomous high IQs. Made of sapphire, the sapphire gemstone is one of the most holy among semi-precious and valuable stones. monarchs, aristocrats, and leading priests in plenty In certain nations, the sapphire stone is used in the creation of the crown; for example, the British Crown is encrusted with huge rubies. It is also a sign of purity and wisdom. The sapphire logan from Sri Lanka is also the world’s biggest sapphire.

Sapphire is associated in astrology with Saturn, while yellow sapphire is associated with Jupiter. According to the teachings of this ancient knowledge; The pure stones are the best gemstones used to expand the beneficial properties of the planets. Not only pure stones, but also blemish-free and clear stones can be used. In fact, it is difficult to find such stones, especially if you do not want to pay a large amount of money.

Sapphire is often known as the stone of destiny as it brings clarity of mind and correct thought. It was said that it brings material independence and material abundance. On the other hand, for some, the sapphire is a symbol of sincerity in the faith.

Sapphire is divided in some ancient writings into two categories, the first category being the light sapphire, which can be used successfully in balancing the fifth chakra. . As for the second category, it is the dark sapphire, which is specialized in opening the sixth chakra. So if you are thinking of using a sapphire stone, whether it is a light or dark red color, you must distinguish the difference between them.

How to clean and care for sapphires

Because sapphire is very hard, foreign matter builds up on surfaces, causing a dull or cloudy appearance. Keep your sapphire as clean as possible by applying lotions, perfumes, and sprays before putting on the jewelry. To get rid of fading, clean sapphires at home by applying a mixture of Mild liquid soap and warm water. Gently scrub the mounting sapphire jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Rinse immediately with clean warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth for good results.
Detergents specifically designed to clean jewelry are readily available at most major department stores in fine jewelry counters. Make sure Than to buy the right cleaner based on the type of metal used to make sapphire jewelry. Follow the blog’s instructions carefully.

To keep the brilliance and sheen of your jewellery, you might purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. This handy gadget removes dirt and oil buildup off sapphire and other jewels by using high-frequency sound waves in conjunction with water or cleaning solutions (softer gemstones should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners).

If the ring is If your sapphire has been severely damaged, take it to a jewellery retailer right once and have it examined under magnification for cracks. Periodic checkups are necessary if you wear sapphires on a frequent basis to ensure that the stones remain properly placed in their holders.

Install the sapphire with the help of a competent jeweller. Jewelry restoration is delicate procedure that might result in irreversible harm.Avoid storing sapphire in a container or bag with other gemstones. Put them separately in a box of the softest and easily damaged gem scratchers. For example, you can use the bags of jewelry you got when buying to keep it. Cleaning occasionally with minimal maintenance will keep your sapphire shiny and sparkling for years.

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