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Sapphire is one of the famous gemstones in the jewelry and gemstone industry. It exists in multiple colors, the most famous of which is the unique blue color. It is one of the stones with high hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness, as it follows diamonds directly, which is a great advantage as it is difficult to be subjected to scratches. And wear even with daily wear, which maintains its value for as long as possible. It is natural to know that many natural sapphire stones have been passed down from generation to generation.

The main characteristics of natural sapphire include:

Sapphire stone – characteristics Types and places of extraction

Therapeutic, healing and astronomical benefits of exhalation

  1. How is exhalation formed
  2. How to distinguish natural exhalation from fake
  3. (natural exhalation) Natural blue sapphire gem shape.
  4. Natural sapphire

Sapphire is used in the manufacture of all kinds of jewelry, accessories and ornaments for both men and women. Men choose rings and necklaces of natural sapphire inlaid on silver jewelry for wearing, while women prefer sapphire inlaid on white gold and yellow gold in various types of jewelry, including necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

  1. Blue sapphire necklace
  2. High-level design shape of a natural sapphire ring:
  3. (Natural sapphire ring) Variety of sapphire ring designs:
  4. Sapphire Jewelery Designs
  5. natural exhalation
  6. Sapphire is one of the most valuable gemstones of all time.
  7. He knewHumans have valued sapphire for thousands of years.
  8. Sapphire was used in the jewelry industry in the ancient Persian civilization.
  9. Natural sapphire has been used in Greek sculptures and jewelry and various ancient civilizations.
  10. Sapphire is not only found in nature in blue, but is found in all natural colors, including yellow, green, purple, orange and red.
  11. Sapphire The red is known as sapphire.
  12. The density of sapphire is higher than that of diamond.
  13. Sapphire acquires its color from the presence of corundum along with the elements iron, titanium and chromium.
  14. When the percentage of chromium in the stone increases, it turns red in what is known as sapphire stone.
  15. Zephyr means blue in Greek. Some types of sapphire contain more than one color, where the apparent color and angle
  16. of illumination are affected severely. It is one of the hardest gemstones in the world.
  17. Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  18. Sapphire is used in many industries and wide fields besides the jewelry industry due to its high hardness.
  19. Sapphire is extracted from all continents of the world.
  20. Sapphire represents purity, innocence, beauty and love.
  21. Sapphire is used to protect against magic and negative forces.
  22. It is considered one of the stones of kings and nobles.
  23. He believes in his abilities to protect in battles and wars.
  24. The most famous sapphire ring presented to Princess Catherine in England.
  25. Sapphire is the most famous gemstone used in royal weddings.
  26. The sapphire effect is an effect that occurs when a star pattern appears upon reflection The light falling on it and the exhalation that has this type of effect is called a stellar sapphire. Characteristic of the diversity of colors in the sapphire stone

means the presence of more than one color in the same stone, as the sapphire may contain two colors at the same time, which is what happens in some stones, but not all, as this effect is a degree of Rarity and the stone appears in colors that are affected by the angle of the light falling on it in addition to the intensity of the light shining on the stone.

  1. This explains why some sapphires appear blue sometimes and violet-purple at other times.
  2. Diversity of colors in exhalation
  3. Characteristic of the star’s effect on exhalation

Star sapphire is a form of sapphire that is commonly utilised in astronomy and gemstones because of its legendary skills in curing and mending ailments, as well as its potential to increase chakra energy in the body and spiritual energies.

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