Sulaymani agate stone – properties, beliefs and legends with pictures

The Sulaymani agate stone is one of the types of agate stone, which in turn belongs to the quartz family. Its hardness is estimated at 7 degrees on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it is distinguished by the presence of signs similar to “eye” on which its value is estimated. The Sulaymani agate stones are famous in the Arab world, especially compared to their popularity in the West, due to several factors, the most important of which include the beliefs and legends inherited by generations around them, in addition to their distinctive appearance and availability in most Arab lands.

And due to the presence of thousands of species From agate, this in turn is reflected in the Sulaimani stone, because it is not a class in itself of gemstones, but rather is classified based on phenomenological factors, as we mentioned the presence of a circular shape on its surface that resembles an eye and not based on its properties and chemical composition. Thus, the Sulaimani stone can be found in many shapes and colors, most notably brown, black, white and red.

Solimani agate shape

Sulaimani agate stone is used in the jewelry industry For men in particular, this is evident in the stores’ displays of those stones, most of which we see include men’s rings and chains. But this does not negate the fact that there are no exhibits of it for women. It is noted that many of the processes of acquiring the Sulaymani stone are through its acquisition in a ring or as a separate stone in itself, as many individuals tend to keep it in that form for matters related to the personal preferences and beliefs of the acquirer.

Appearance of the Soleimani Stone

Beliefs about the Solomonian Stone

Another Appearance of the Sulaymani Agate Stone

Released Soleimani is named after that type of agate stone in relation to the Prophet Solomon and what was known about him about his ability to subjugate the jinn to him and carry out his orders and other supernatural abilities such as talking to animals as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. An example of this is when the hoopoe came to the Prophet Solomon to tell him that he saw a queen who had a great throne over Yemen and that her people worshiped the sun instead of God, which angered the Prophet when he heard this saying until he sent a message to that queen asking her to believe in God and Islam. The queen refused in her response and sent gifts and precious stones to the Prophet Solomon, to avoid a war with him on the one hand, and to test the sincerity of what they claim on the other hand. Prophet Solomon refused to receive what she was sent to, so Queen Sheba believed in what the Prophet was calling for, until after that Prophet Solomon asked the jinn to come to him with the throne of Bilqis in order to impress her with the extent of God Almighty’s ability, and the jinn brought the throne already and quickly before the eye of the Prophet Solomon blinked . Solomon also commanded the elves to build a great palace made of glass and over water to receive that queen, and they obeyed his orders and implemented them as he requested. On the basis of that story and what has been added to it throughout history by the owners of those stones and traders.

Ring inlaid with Soleimani stone

The Soleimani stone is acquired by many because they think that it is haunted by the jinn and because they believe In its powerful efficacy and its ability to bring sustenance, luck and love as well as its ability to cover the time of intercourse.

According to ancient beliefs, in order to obtain the benefits of the Solomon Stone, it must be worn as a ring, chain, amulet, or even carried as it is. For a short period estimated in weeks, as it is believed in the speed of its effect compared to other precious stones.

a How can the Sulaymani stone be extracted?

Most of the Sulaymani agate stones are extracted From Yemen, as preferred by its owners, where, according to the beliefs, this is the main source for it, because it is the place where the story of the Prophet Solomon and the Queen of Sheba took place. Despite that, these stones can be found in a number of other countries from which agate stones are extracted in general, such as Iraq, India and the United States of America. These stones are found specifically in the mountains and deserts in their natural form. After they are extracted and found, they are prepared, polished and polished.

  1. Natural Soleimani Agate Stone
  2. To whom
  3. Iraq
  4. India
  5. United States of America

It is worth noting the spread of very similar stones The Sulaymani stone is manufactured not original by many sellers and popular stores, as it is marketed on that basis at exaggerated prices. Most of these stones can be distinguished by experts in the field of gemstones and professional sellers.

As a result, you should exercise caution while picking and getting the Solimani stone by conducting a thorough examination before purchasing or turning to a gemstone store and dealers.

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