Talisman – the most powerful 15 types and their abilities in pictures

الطلسم - أنواع الطلسم بالصور

What It is the talisman – types of talismans with pictures

The talisman is an inscription in the form of a shape or symbol that is believed to have capabilities, characteristics, energy and benefits that it provides to its bearer. It helps to grant power, protection from magic, dangers, and fulfillment of desires, from harnessing elves to communicating with the underworld. The word talisman in Greek is telio, which means achieving and activating specific abilities, while in French and English the term (talisman) is derived from the Arabic term (talisman), which means a talisman.

The talisman dates back to the ancient times in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant and it is believed that a large number of these talismans go back to Harut and Marut. Burials of the dead and burial chambers were also used by priests because of their belief in its ability to protect and control. The talisman was used extensively in Iraq and the countries of the Maghreb, where it was known that there were some of the most powerful magicians and the circulation of writings of magic and talismans there. Special abilities as evidenced in the story of Prometheus who was chained by Zeus to a rock as punishment when he discovered that Prometheus had given people divine fire and was chained long but not eternal. Later Zeus freed Prometheus and put a lacquered chain on his finger.

Ancient Greek myths say that at a later time Prometheus received his ring to be adorned by Titan with a piece of stone with which he was bound as a reminder of the difficulties

It is not known for certain what kind of stone he used, and it is likely that it was an amethyst. It is a type of quartz that was widely used by the Greeks to make jewelry. The ancients believed that the purple amethyst bestows luck and protects against adversity.

With the spread of religion, especially Christianity, special symbols were added that have protective properties to ward off evil spirits. The early Christians did not wear crosses; Where they wore talisman rings. With time, the inlaid rings became more than a piece of metal and jewelry studded with precious stones, as they were used for their legendary properties and abilities. The metal itself, along with the talisman, helps to attract creative forces.

The silver used in the manufacture of talisman rings contains antiseptic properties and is believed to eliminate about A type of disease-causing microbe. Before the invention of antibiotics, wounds were sutured with silver thread and it was a custom to put silver in jars with water to disinfect it.

Gold rings are also very popular for use with talismans. As the strength of the yellow metal, according to legends, helps in protection and victories, as it is believed in its ability to attract and store energy. Like silver, gold was also used in medicine in ancient times and was mentioned in Egyptian papyri, treatises on Ayurveda from India and atlas of Tibetan medicine from China. Western healers also took great care of gold, especially Paracelsus.

Reasons for ordering rings containing Talismans

The talismanic ring helps in protection and fulfillment of desires in the first place and also helps in improving memory Reducing stress and increasing energy in the body based on myths. Men’s rings and necklaces are often decorated with talismans and depending on the symbols on their surface, they can be attributed to black or white magic. For example, talismans are added from the runes whose alphabet consists of about 20 a letter. Some are associated with the forces of light while others carry the energy of destruction and darkness. Witches often used runes in their rituals.

Witches’ rings are often decorated with talismans and mysterious symbols, for example, mythical animal figures are placed on them. As it is claimed that talismans have many beneficial abilities, they also have harmful abilities.

In addition to letters and symbols, talismans often contain signs identified by astrologers for containing some magical properties according to the signs of the zodiac and writings In this field.

Moonstones are used to eliminate indifference, while ruby ​​and polished garnet stones are used to prevent envy, and pearl stones to prevent obsession and obsessive thoughts. Amethyst stones with talismans added to women’s jewelry are added to protect against the influence of jealousy and black magic. Types of Talismans

Here are the types of talismans according to myths and beliefs as follows :

1. Geometric talisman

The form of the geometric talisman

The geometric talisman is the most famous type of talisman and is used by archaeologists and scholars Anthropology and geometry The term sacred geometry to include symbols that symbolize the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that arose around it. This term extends to include Pythagorean and Neoplatonic geometry.

2. Talisman of the Star of David

طلسم نجمة داود

Star of David talisman

The name David in ancient Hebrew (in the era of King David) consisted of three letters Dalit, Phav and Dalit. The letter Dalit in Old Hebrew is actually a triangle. King David used the six-pointed star as his signature (the two triangles of his name). The middle letter “fav” means six six-pointed star. The six points symbolize that God rules the universe and protects us from all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. King David used this symbol on the battlefield on his shield for protection.

3. Hand Talisman

طلسم اليد

The shape of the rune of the hand

It is also known as the palm of Mary and is an old talisman for protection against evil and the evil eye. The hamsa is sometimes shown in a stylised form, with three fingers uplifted and two thumbs aligned symmetrically. This talisman is one of the most well-known in Arab nations, where it is extensively utilised in home, business, and even automotive decorations to ward off jealousy. 4. The Five Minerals Talisman

طلسم الخمس معادن

The shape of the rune of the five minerals

According to ancient writings, the secret of the success of the talisman of the five minerals is that at the exact time of creating the ring with these five minerals, the influence of Jupiter is invoked. Jupiter is the star of development and expansion, success is at its strongest in time for the creation of the ring. The layer at the top of the five metal ring is pure gold. Underneath is a layer of lead and tin, and the last layer of copper, while the ring itself is made of silver. 5. Talisman of the Tree of Life

Rune shape The Tree of Life

One of the most famous types of talismans and is associated with the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. And he believes in his ability to protect and fulfill desires, as many are keen to wear it and carry it with them to take advantage of its alleged abilities. Pharaonic talismans:

The pharaohs used many talismans in various ceremonies and occasions and for many purposes, here are the most famous pharaonic hieroglyphs as follows:

6. The Pharaonic Scarab Talisman

The Pharaonic Scarab Talisman Necklace

It appeared in many artifacts where It appeared in the form of a scarab pushing the sun along a specific path in the sky. It is one of the sacred incantations that were used in Pharaonic religious ceremonies.

7. Ankh Talisman

طلسم عنخ (Shape of the Pharaonic Ankh Talisman)

It represents both physical and eternal life at once and is a powerful talisman that was first created in ancient Egypt. The ankh talisman is usually associated with physical objects such as water, air and the sun as well as with the pharaonic deities mentioned in myths and temple writings, who are often depicted holding the ankh. 8. Talisman of the Heart

 The shape of the talisman of the heart

It is the heart that replaces the heart that was removed during mummification. Sometimes he was referred to by the epithet, “the spirit of Ra”, which provided protection for both Osiris and Ra. 9. Talisman of the Eye of Horus

طلسم عين حورس

The shape of the talisman of the Eye of Horus

It is one of the Pharaonic talismans that were widely used on the walls of ancient temples and is believed in its ability to protect against dangers, disasters, negative energies and evil.

Christian talismans:

11. The Talisman of the Cross

Rune shape The cross

The Christian cross is believed to be a symbol of faith while it was previously considered a pagan symbol, with many early church fathers objecting to its use. The cross represents Christ’s victory over death and sin, because he believes that with his death he triumphed over death itself, according to some legends. . Fish Talisman

The shape of the talisman of the fish

The first known use of fish as a Christian religious symbol was sometime during the three centuries The first AD where Christians began to use the Greek word meaning “fish” as an abbreviation for “Son of Jesus Christ the Savior.” Followers of Christianity used the word pesquiculi. The origin of this Latin word “fish”.

East Asian Runes

12. The Talisman of Buddha


Buddha talisman form

The Buddha talisman provides a reminder of the principles Basics of the Buddhist religion. Just as the Buddhist religion is practiced in many different ways, the Buddhist talisman also serves a wide range of ritual purposes and has different meanings for different people who believe that the Buddha is a huge source of information, spiritual meanings, and influences. 13. Mandala Talisman

طلسم ماندالا

Mandala talisman shape

Tibetans engrave a mandala talisman on different jewels, and it is the same symbol that they shape on the sand. If you take a metal plate and cover it with sand and make it vibrate with different sounds, you will be able to see different structures formed in the sand that are very similar to mandalas. This talisman refers to change and the continually occurring process of life and death.

14. The Hindu Aum Talisman

طلسم اوم الهندسي

Ohm’s Geometric Rune Shape

It is the most sacred talisman in Hinduism and contains the Ohm symbol, three curves, a half-circle and a point. The large lower curve symbolizes the waking state; The upper curve indicates the state of deep sleep (or unconsciousness), and the lower curve (which lies between deep sleep and the waking state) indicates the state of dreams. 20. Tibetan Knot Talisman

(Tibetan Knot Talisman)

The Tibetan knot (Srivasta or Endless Knot) is one of the eight Tibetan Buddhist emblems. According to karma, the Tibetan knot might have repercussions. When we handle one area of the knot while attempting to untie it, another component tightens. You must collaborate with the node in order for it to be rolled back. The limitless construction of the knots in this amulet represents the cyclical, changing nature. Is the talisman useful?

Talismans are nothing more than ancient writings and symbols, according to science. It has no significance and has no influence other than on the individual who wears or looks at it. It is not anticipated to have any other skills outside enhancing self-confidence and instilling dread in the hearts of others. From a theological standpoint, the talisman’s power is restricted and confined to the side that the person exposed to it takes. If he chooses the good side and believes in God, nothing can hurt him except God’s order, but if he chooses the wicked side, he may face peril.

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