Tanzanite – information about the stone with pictures

Tanzanite is an eye-catching semi-precious stone that changes colour depending on how much light it is exposed to. Whereas tanzanite tends to blue when somewhat exposed to light, it tends to more violet as the intensity of light increases. It is interlaced with red and brown hues in certain species.

  1. High quality tanzanite stone has a dark blue or dark violet color.
  2. The color of tanzanite sold in all jewelry stores is the result of heat treatment.
  3. Avoid cleaning the stone with ultrasonic or steam cleaners.
  4. (To clean the stone, wash it with warm soapy water and a piece of cloth.
  5. Avoid exposing tanzanite to high temperatures so as not to damage it.
  6. Tanzanite is a stone of medium hardness 7 on Mohs Memphis.
  7. When buying, check the surface of the tanzanite. If you find deep cracks, avoid buying it.
  8. It is preferable to be careful when wearing it so as not to be damaged because its hardness is medium.
  9. When storing the stone for long periods, avoid placing it with stones Higher hardness like emerald and collar
  10. Tanzanite stones should not be worn so as not to be scratched and damaged.

Tanzanite stones should not be worn with other stones so as not to be damaged. It is preferable to wear it in the form of a necklace.

Quality of tanzanite stone

  1. The quality of tanzanite is graded based on the amount of natural defects it has.
  2. Tanzanite stones Of the first degree, it is characterized as without impurities (defects). Clear.
  3. The value and prices of transit stones classified as first class rise due to their rarity.
  4. The second and third grade tanzanite stones have lower prices and are accessible to everyone.
  5. To assess the quality of tanzanite stone there should be no visible defects with the naked eye.
  6. Blue tanzanite which is It has degrees of color The highest quality violet.
  7. Shape of Tanzanite Jewelry

Natural Tanzanite Jewelry

  1. It is preferable to wear tanzanites as earrings, pendants, or as small stones.
  2. Smooth is the best design for tanzanite.
  3. Cabochon design preserves the stone and allows its beauty to stand out.
  4. Tanzanite is one of the boldest colors in the fashion world.
  5. Tanzanite is suitable for both men and women.
  6. Tanzanite is one of the stones that are used in both jewelry Silver and gold.
  7. Tanzanite is one of the elegant stones used on a large scale in the jewelry and accessories industry. Arat.
  8. Because the stone contains shades of blue, make sure that the stone will highlight the freshness of your skin.
  9. Tanzanite is a beautiful and valuable stone of a unique color.
  10. Tanzanite is one of the stones recently discovered during the last year, but he gained wide fame in the world of jewelry.

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