Benefits of gold – 30 amazing benefits

فوائد الذهب

Benefits Gold According to Myths and Beliefs and According to Scientific Studies in the Field of Medicine

Gold is one of the precious and valuable metals that ancient civilizations have known for thousands of years. The best illustration of this is the ancient Egyptian society, when the pharaohs extracted gold and utilised it to create gold sculptures and statues. Perhaps the most famous example of this is King Tutankhamun’s gold mask, as well as other monarchs’ and officials’ accessories and instruments from the time. It is stated that wearing and utilising gold has benefits in numerous civilizations and cultures that are inspired by ancient myths and beliefs. While it was discovered in the contemporary day that there are genuine benefits of gold based on research and studies in the treatment of specific diseases,

  1. Bringing Harmony between Mind and Heart
  2. Bringing good luck Where the gold in the red cloth helps increase good luck
  3. Increasing willpower
  4. Sleep stable during the night
  5. Getting rid of negative energy
  6. Bringing money and wealth
  7. Getting Rid of Depression
  8. Increasing prosperity and happiness
  9. Strengthening understanding between family members
  10. Bringing Influence and PowerAchieving material success
  11. Helps focus and breathing when worn on the middle finger  Solving problems related to engagement and marriage when wearing it around the neck
  12. Energy and temperature regulation in the body

فوائد إرتداء الذهب

Benefits of wearing gold “ornament of Gold for the Neck”

Gold is thought to provide healing energy and clean vibrations that aid in the balancing of uneven energy fields. Furthermore, ancient literature state that the higher the percentage of pure gold “gold calibre,” the greater the influence on the efficacy and aptitude of gold in harmonising energy fields. As a result, wearing gold 1024 Carats is advised for the best favourable effect. According to archaeological findings, pure gold was used to cure wounds in ancient times. According to one mythology, Queen Cleopatra donned a gold mask to prevent her skin from ageing.

In ancient beliefs, gold was known for its ability to purify the blood flow of negative energy through its flow in the body. It also helps to relax the skin and treat wounds and increase the speed of healing.

Treatment of rheumatism and disorders of the skin, blood and spine.

Some experts suggest that wearing gold helps alleviate gastrointestinal illnesses, psychological stress, and breathing problems because gold is related to the chakra, which connects the mind and body.

Gold was known for its ability to regulate body temperature, so it was accepted to be worn by those who felt cold or heated irregularly.

Some specialists in acupuncture use needles made of gold so as not to impede the flow of energy and to relieve the feeling of pain.

The benefits of wearing gold on the brain

Benefits of using gold “a bracelet of gold”

in the sciences of ancient chemistry Like alchemy, gold was considered an outstanding source of positive energy and purifying energy fields, as it was considered a conductor of higher energies. It was also said that it helps to bring psychological peace, stability of feelings, a feeling of happiness and an increase in awareness.

Although gold cannot totally cure illnesses, wearing it near to the skin can assist speed up the healing process because to its vibrations and power. It also serves as a barrier against bad energy and jealousy. The effect of gold’s advantages is thought to show on a regular basis, but not directly, since the effect begins after a time of wearing it.

Benefits of wearing gold rings

 Purification of the third eye chakra and the heart chakra.

  • Stabilization of feelings.
  • Elimination of psychological stress and depression.
  • Prevention of negative energy and exposure to it.
  • Balance of creative and logical thinking in the mind.

 Wearing gold on the index finger helps to increase concentration.

It is also believed that wearing gold rings on the middle finger helps to bring fame and money. While wearing a gold ring on the little finger helps treat breathing disorders.

Wearing a golden chain helps in obtaining positive energy in terms of connection.

Earrings help balance and improve brain function.

It is believed in astronomy that gold is supposed to be worn in the upper part of the body, because wearing it in the lower part may lead to negative energy and disturbance in the energy fields around the body, feeling tired, bad luck and imbalance in the body.

Therapeutic benefits of gold

  1. Helps to increase energy and a sense of vitality and activity
  2. Increasing focus and regulating metabolic processes in the body
  3. Adjusting the mood and getting rid of the effects of emotional relationships Negativity
  4. Helps to get rid of anxiety, depression, frustration and sadness
  5. It improves cell growth and transmission of electrical signals between neurons in the brain
  6. Renewing cells and improving Its Functions
  7. Improving the health and attractiveness of the skin and skin, as it is used in many cosmetic creams
  8. Wound healing and treatment of infections, burns and the effects of aging in the skin
  9. Treating cancer and limiting the growth of harmful cells
  10. Reducing the effects of alcoholic beverages and getting rid of addiction
  11. Improving the body’s immunity
  12. Improving the performance of the lungs and the health of the respiratory system
  13. Strengthening muscles and preventing joint infections)
  14. Dental treatment through fillings and bridges
  15. Protection from stomach and digestive diseases
  16. Treatment of anemia and anemia
  17. Treatment of Neurological Diseases
  18. Improving heart health and reducing harmful cholesterol levels
  19. Increasing body temperature and energy balance
  20. helps to Improving blood flow and circulation
  21. The benefits of gold according to studies in the field of medicine

These benefits are limited to the use of gold for treatment only if it is included in the components of therapeutic preparations.

1. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

according to a number of Doctors in the field of skin and skin, gold helps treat freckles and reduce redness resulting from inflammation on the skin. It also helps to get rid of free radicals in the body and prevent sun damage and skin wrinkles.

2. Cancer treatment

Gold compounds are used on It is widely used in the treatment of many types of cancer, the most prominent of which is the use of chemotherapy for tumors. Many contain platinum. It is also believed that the use of gold nanoparticles can effectively help in treating tumors, according to a number of recent medical studies.

3. Skin whitening

The gold used in some cosmetics helps to whiten the skin and skin and prevent it from turning into dark skin, as gold contains reflective properties of particles, which is the main reason behind the presence of many gold-based cosmetics in their ingredients. These products are characterized by their direct effect on the luster of the skin and complexion.

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

is the use of Gold in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is one of the drugs that has been invented for some time, and although it was used extensively in the past, in the past decades, reliance on it has decreased due to the presence of better alternatives that help in treatment.

5. Increase the smoothness of the skin

Gold works on The effect on the skin cells, thus increasing its smoothness, as well as helping to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.

6. Allergy treatment

Because gold contains the properties of Anti-oxidant, gold was known in ancient Chinese medicine as a metal with the ability to flow blood and treat allergy symptoms.

7. Stimulation of body cells

Ions work in Gold stimulates the cells of the body, nerves and arteries, which leads to improving the general health of the body, blood flow and the disposal of harmful substances in the body.

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