Benefits of silver

فوائد الفضة

Benefits Healing and Legendary Silver

The benefits of silver are distinguished and characterized by the effectiveness with which it has been known throughout the ages and in different civilizations, as it was known for its strong ability to eliminate It contains harmful microbes, fungi and germs in the medium in which it is used, along with a number of healing, therapeutic and legendary benefits. The famous phrase (born with a silver spoon) is not out of the blue, as it is believed that silver helps to increase the number of white immune cells in the blood, which helps in the prevention and healing of diseases, in addition to preventing microbes from entering the body and preventing their growth and causing disease.

Silver has always been used for its benefits in ancient times, even before Christ, and before it was used in the jewelry industry. Those abilities that drew the attention of the sages by direct observation were resistance to infection, purification of fluids including water, prevention of cold and influenza, and disinfection of wounds. 1. Protection from Radiation of Electronic Devices

Silver plays a vital role in protecting against very harmful electromagnetic radiation The body emitted by electronic devices of all kinds such as phones, laptops and television. Silver contains ions with a positive charge, and these ions form a conductive field which acts as a shield and prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering the body and thus provides protection. 2. Disinfection and Elimination of Bacteria

Silver eliminates bacteria due to the positively charged ions in them because it is in Bacteria, negatively charged oxygen ions are present. It also helps protect against colds, flu, and many other bacterial infections.

فوائد خواتم الفضة Benefits of wearing jewelry Silver

3. Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

Wearing certain types of silver, such as necklaces and bracelets, can help In preventing anxiety and refocusing. Simple silver rings like the rings that feature an outer band that freely rotates around the inner ring, have been shown to have a calming effect that helps fight anxiety through repetitive motion.

4. Treatment of bone and rheumatoid infections

Wearing silver jewellery is an excellent approach to promote happiness and improve women’s appearance. And give guys a touch of richness and elegance. Furthermore, one study found that wearing silver at the area where pain originates, such as the joint of a finger, helped to relieve pain and cure the inflammation itself. As a result, individuals with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are advised to wear silver jewellery frequently due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, which also assist to lower blood pressure.

5. Treating Sinus Infections and Allergy Symptoms

Sinus infections can be treated with silver. It also aids in the elimination of germs and infections that cause respiratory tract illnesses linked to allergies and asthma. Silver is particularly beneficial in curing infections; nevertheless, the extent of the body’s capacity to profit from the advantages of silver varies from person to person, since the body’s responses differ. As an antibiotic, silver destroys germs on its own.

6. Treatment and Prevention of Colds and Flu

Regular wearing of silver can boost the immune system You have and helps prevent colds and flu. Whereas in one of the experiments conducted on a large number of individuals with colds, it was found that individuals who constantly wear silver have a reduced risk of sore throat and cold compared to those who do not wear silver jewelry. For example, when wearing silver rings on the hand, it helps to eliminate cold-causing germs that spread on the hands, because they contain antibacterial properties.

7. Treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia

Silver is used by many to treat acute cough and bronchitis. And respiratory diseases, and this is done by using them in preparing and eating food so that more germs do not reach the injured and his condition worsens, in addition to being used in the manufacture of some medical devices where they are characterized by their ability to raise levels of sterilization.

8. Water Purification

A silver piece the size of two silver coins can be used to purify water from bacteria with an efficiency that increases About 675 ppm for one gallon purifier from water. The use of silver to purify water from bacteria and pollutants goes back to ancient times, when the ancients noticed that water to which pieces of silver were added was of higher quality and less likely to cause infection. In fact, the diseases caused by bacteria in the water afflict many, as the number of infected people outnumber AIDS annually.

The Arabs in ancient times were scattered tribes living on sheep herding They used to derive their water needs from oases and wells, and then store it in containers made of goatskin and sheep’s guts. This water was often polluted and caused many diseases, the symptoms of which were mainly fever. Hence the need to discover a way to purify water and preserve it from pollution, especially during long trips. They experimented with different types of metals and chemicals to find that the most effective is silver, as its effects were observed through experiment and direct observation in improving water quality and purification and reducing the potential for bacterial infections and infection.

9. Silver is an effective antibiotic

When a person takes a lot of antibiotics over a period of time , can develop resistance to it and become useless. Silver, does not create resistance or immunity when used as an antibiotic. With the move toward combating disease and infection with natural substances, many are turning to silver supplementation as an alternative to traditional medicine. 10. Treatment of wounds and skin infections

The benefits of silver are evident when used as an antibiotic when applied to wounds For cleansing, as the Greeks and Romans knew silver’s abilities in treating infections that result from wounds during battles, and doctors used silver powder by scattering it on wounds to treat them. The use of silver in the manufacture of medical tools and dressings that are placed on wounds is widely used for its effectiveness and because it is the best in cleansing wounds from dressings and other metals.

The therapeutic benefits of silver
3404 Silver can benefit you if you use laptop computers and other electrical gadgets. To shield oneself from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by it. Silver has the ability to interact with the inherent conductivity of the skin, so protecting it from radiation. 3404

  1. Improving the flow of blood circulation and treating related diseases.
  2. Maintaining body temperature and treatment of fever.
  3. Silver is used in antibiotics and in the sterilization process.
  4. Wearing silver jewelry has been shown to help fight infection and prevent cold, flu, and many types of bacteria and viruses.فوائد الفضة العلاجية

Rapid bone formation, growth and healing.3405Helps to grow layers of the skin and treat skin diseases.
Uses In medical dressings because of B Its ability to disinfect wounds and eliminate bacteria.Because of the characteristics Chemical silver changes its color to gray and black when exposed to toxins and bacteria, so it is an indication of the purity or pollution of different areas. )

Silver is used in the manufacture of luxury beds because it helps to sleep better.
can wear Silver-lined gloves to prevent electronic signals from reaching the body.

Wearing silver improves energy levels and mood.
Silver helps regulate blood circulation, balance body temperature in general, and personal hygiene.3405 Silver has a great history in the manufacture of antibiotics and sterilization, with many women and men wearing silver jewelry to ward off infection. 3405
If your silver jewelry turns blue when worn for too long, it may indicate to high levels of sodium in your body. Seeing a blue piece of silver jewelry can be an alert to remind you to cut back on salty snacks.
Fashion designers use silver to make clothes so that people can enjoy its benefits on a daily basis. 3403

The benefits of silver It has a clear scientific basis derived from electrical and thermal conductivity.

Positively charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, stimulating the body’s natural conductivity and improving circulation, body temperature balance, and overall health.


Positively charged silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, which is why silver can fight infections and harmful diseases.
For those skeptical, keep in mind that researchers at the University of Southampton Prove that wearing some Silver rings can help relieve some symptoms of arthritis in the hands.فوائد الفضة
The results of one study revealed that wearing silver designed bandages helps relieve pain in addition to preventing high blood pressure in the joints of the fingers, which is common in those Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers found that wearing silver jewelry also helped restore balance and improve movement in inflamed joints.

Silver is a non-toxic metal that occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust that is also valued for its antibacterial properties. For microbes and as such it has been used since ancient times to treat infections and heal wounds. Before the use of antibiotics, silver paper was wrapped around wounds to promote healing and prevent infection, and silver continues to be used in surgical and medical equipment, dressings, and topical ointments used in hospitals in this era. Ship captains and astronauts were also known to drop silver coins into storage barrels to purify and preserve drinking water, something astronauts still use to purify water and disinfect surfaces on the International Space Station. And a recent study shows that silver ion therapies may help treat inflammatory bone disorders.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the hospital (or outer space) to take advantage of the benefits of silver. You can get it by wearing it and when you eat it, as commercially available silver water (small particles of silver suspended in the liquid) can strengthen the immune system and treat health problems, such as cold and flu symptoms. When used topically, it can promote rapid healing of cuts, burns, blisters, insect bites, stings, rashes, razor burn, sunburn, and other skin problems. Using silver to support the immune system is one of the best ways to counteract the environmental challenges, nutritional and emotional stressors that continually impair an individual’s immune system response. While most formulations of liquid silver on the market contain salts, proteins, preservatives, and stabilizers, all of which can affect their safety and efficacy. Therefore, you should be careful about your purchase and choose a trusted store and a reputable brand.

How to eliminate anxiety through the benefits of silver

Many turn to meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and other calming techniques to reduce anxiety. Certain types of jewelry may also be worn to help prevent anxiety and refocus.

Plain silver “worry jewelry” rings and swivel rings, featuring an outer band that freely rotates around the ring, have been shown to be Inner, it has a calming effect that helps fight anxiety through repetitive movement. Those who suffer from anxiety can quietly grope their silver ring to help combat the symptoms.

Try different jewelry pieces until you find one that works for you. For example, if a rotating silver ring doesn’t help, try a silver bangle or necklace instead. What works for one person will not work for everyone. It is better to wear your silver rings and jewelry as soon as you start to feel tight in your muscles or increase in your heart rate rather than waiting for your anxiety symptoms to become more severe. This way, you may be able to stop symptoms from getting worse before they appear. Choose the right silver jewelry for you, you may buy silver to get its benefits, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. Choose a piece that you like when you wear it even if you don’t suffer from anxiety and stress.

Wearing silver jewellery encrusted with precious stones is preferred to increasing their efficiency and reaping larger advantages. 3403

To get the advantages of silver, it is best to buy and wear pieces that directly touch the skin.

The larger the silver bits and the area with which they come into contact with the skin, the higher their efficacy and capacity to provide the advantages that they provide.

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