Benefits of silver water

فوائد ماء الفضة The benefits of silver water

عبوات ماء الفضة Appearance of Silver Water BottlesIt is believed that the benefits of silver water have the Because silver water solution is accessible in most pharmacies and supermarkets under many brands, it has the potential to cure a wide range of ailments, including sinus infections and colds. In the past, it was thought that silver water could heal many ailments and even cleanse water, as some put bits of silver in the water to purify it, a claim that was scientifically proven to a considerable extent when research were conducted in this respect. This article discusses, We reveal to you the benefits of silver water based on credible scientific research, stressing that the therapeutic silver water solution varies from the water in which silver is added. How do the advantages of silver water work?Based on a report prepared at the Silver Institute in the United States of America on how the human body is affected by these benefits, The following have been identified:Catalytic Oxidation: By its nature, silver works to retain oxygen in fluids that are affected by a group of sulfhydryl elements that surround bacteria and viruses, which helps in inhibiting the activity of cells known as cellular respiration, which is defined as the metabolic processes that occur in the cells of the organism to convert biochemical energy from nutrients

interacts with bacterial cell membranes:

Where silver ions bind directly with bacterial membranes to produce an effect similar to preventing cellular respiration.

It has been observed that silver combines with the DNA of bacteria, which helps not to disintegrate.

Here are the benefits of silver water” Silver solution” in the following points:

1. Strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

The capacity to eradicate aggressive bacteria and germs is one of the benefits of silver water, as one study done at the UCLA Institute of Medicine found that when exposed to more than A disease of modest quantities of silver that was cleared in a few minutes.

Unlike modern antibiotics, silver water solution does not build up Microbial immunity, which makes it effective in many cases.

2. Wound treatment and skin care

Silver water solution helps treat skin and skin tissue when used on a regular basis. The solution can also be used in the treatment of ringworms due to its anti-bacterial properties.

It also helps in treating eczema on the scalp and healing wounds.

3. Improving eyesight health

uses Silver water eliminates bacteria and viral infections in the eye, as a few drops of it help purify it. This use is done in certain medical conditions and under the supervision of the doctor.

 4. Countering and eliminating viruses

Through a series of trials and studies, scientist Martin Hamm shown that silver water can help to efficiently treat disease-causing viruses. Silver water is also utilised in the production of several preparations that interact with enzymes that allow bacteria and viruses to use oxygen. It acts to remove these hazardous organisms by blocking them from obtaining oxygen. 5. Infection treatment

Water lotions Pure silver helps to reduce and treat infections to a large extent, especially derived from nanocrystalline. A number of studies have also proven that silver water is a promising ingredient in the treatment of several types of infections. 6. Treatment of sinus infections and allergy symptoms

A study conducted in the International Forum of Allergy and Viruses in 2015 showed that silver water can treat sinus infections. It was also proven in another study that infections caused by pathogens can cause respiratory infections, as well as allergies and asthma. Silver water eliminates “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” infection, which justifies why individuals who suffer from air allergies achieve amazing results when using silver water. 7. Treatment of cold and flu

can Eating small amounts of silver water helps strengthen the immune system and combat cold and flu infections. In 2015 a study was conducted on

a child less than 539 General, they suffer from cold and blocked sinuses, as they were divided into two parts: the first part was given silver water and beta-glucan, and the second part was given a saline preparation. Although there was a significant recovery in the two groups, the group that took the silver water recovered completely and faster.

8. Water purification

A solution is possible. Silver water is extremely pure, as two tablespoons of 810 ppm silver water enough. To cleanse one gallon of water

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