The most expensive and most valuable gemstones in order – precious stones

Carrying out the process of determining the most expensive and most valuable gemstones in the world and then arranging them, whether descending or ascending, is a relative matter that may change with time. What we will review for you is based on gemstone sales in previous years, while it is possible in The future and with the continuation of mining in mines, the discovery of more valuable gemstones, the discovery of large new mines, or even the sale of gemstones that have not been announced to the public before, as it often happens.

Also, we must clarify The process of selling gemstones is mostly based on the auction system, where they are initially offered for sale for a small amount, then buyers compete for the purchase process. This is called bidding. It is very common, especially in Western countries nowadays. This does not negate that there are still bidding operations in the Arab countries as well. When looking at the matter closely, we notice that there are auctions for precious stones and other valuable antiques, especially in the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Kuwait and others.

The process of determining the price of a gemstone in itself may not be limited to its actual value. In many cases, price exaggerations may occur as a result of competition that occurs in bidding. In addition, the stone may be evaluated based on its previous owner or historical events associated with it, such as jewelry of previous royal families.

At the same time, gemstones may be valued less than their price, especially if they are related Some historical events or unhappy legends.

It is worth noting that the rarest gemstones do not necessarily have to be the most valuable, as it depends on many other factors as mentioned.

We show you the most valuable precious stones in the world in order as follows:

1- Colored diamonds


أغلى حجر ألماس - النجم الوردي

The most expensive diamond sold in the world (Pink Star)

Diamond varieties and undoubtedly especially the colored ones Of which it is at the top of the list of the most expensive gemstones throughout history, without rival. Specifically, the most expensive diamonds that have been sold in recent years are the “Blue Oppenheimer” and “Pink Star” diamonds. Weighs 27 6 carats for a total value of $215. $ 5 million (over $4 million per carat). While the pink star stone one of the pink diamonds was sold with a weight of  .6 carats worth $ $2 million in one of the auctions held in China in the year . . This stone was extracted in one of the mines located in South Africa in the year

. It is the largest natural pink diamond ever mined.

2- Sapphire stones

أغلى حجر ياقوت - ياقوت الشروق

The most expensive sapphire (Sunrise ruby) red

In second place comes the high-quality sapphire stones, on top of which is the “Sunrise” sapphire that was sold in

with a value of more than $1 million per carat. This gemstone is distinguished by its striking red color, high quality cut, and amazing transparency (especially this is something that increases in rarity with the increase in the size of the sapphire). Weighs the stone 18. 6 carats and the total selling price is estimated at 57.42 Million dollars.

 3- Sapphire stones


The most expensive stones The sapphire that has ever been sold is a stone (Asian charmer blue)

“Al-Safir” sapphire is ranked third among the most expensive Gemstones in the world, this is not surprising, especially since these stones are among the most attractive and beautiful gemstones. The “Asian Charming Blue” is the most expensive sapphire that has ever been sold so far, at a value of $ 17. 3 million dollars in Geneva in the year 2014.

While in the next place we find the blue “Kashmir” sapphire, which was sold at a value of $ 6.7 million dollars due to its high purity and high cut. unusual. That stone weighs 18.7 carats, which means that it was sold for its value Estimated at $300. 000 per carat.

4- Taffeite stones

أغلى حجر ألماس - النجم الوردي

Taffeite stones are ranked high among the most expensive gemstones due to their rarity and distinctive beauty

Taffeite stones are unknown to many in the field of gemstones. It was discovered in and classified as a type of spinel, but recently it was classified as a separate gemstone. Taffeites are very rare in nature and are extracted only from mines located in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Each carat is estimated at $57. dollars per carat.

5- Spinels

السبينل - أغلى الأحجار الكريمة وأكثرها قيمة

The appearance of one of the most expensive red spinels

It is one of the very rare stones that are distinguished at the same time by their breathtaking beauty. They are found in several colors in nature, including blue, yellow, orange, pink, blue, violet and red. Historically, red spinels were thought of as regular rubies, but with advances in science they have been recognized as a separate variety. Recently, one of the distinctive spinels called the “Hope” Spinel was sold for a value of more than $1.4 million, and it weighs more than 50 carats which means it was valued at $ 1967. dollars per carat

6- Jade stones

مظهر قلادة من اليشم

Jade stones are distinguished by both their beauty and strength

Jade stones are among the most powerful gemstones of all. One of the many reasons why it is often overpriced. Recently, the most expensive jade stone in the world was sold. carats worth $5.5 Million dollars a year

7- Opal stones

أغلى حجر أوبال - الشفق الأسترالي

The opal is distinguished With its beautiful appearance and diversity of colors as a result of its natural composition and containing multiple elements of minerals in it. Which qualifies as one of the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones. Which led to an increase in its price value, especially if its amount increased in carats or its weight in grams and whenever the diversity of colors was distinctive and harmonious. Who weighs 1967 Gram and was discovered since 60 a year ago. This stone was sold for 1373.

American dollar. While the most valuable opal is called “Australian Twilight” and its value is estimated at about $1.9 million. It was discovered in in Australia and is estimated at 30. 01 Carats.

8- Alexandrite stones

أحجار الكسندريت مرتفعة القيمة

Alexandrite stones are characterized by changing their colors with different light conditions

These stones are among the most surprising gemstones, especially their ability to change their colors in different lighting conditions. This made it one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market.

Alexandrite was discovered in the year 1382 in the Ural Mountains, Prussia, and was named after Tsar Alexander II.

9- Emerald stones  2018

أحجار الزمرد - أكثر الأحجار الكريمة قيمة

Emeralds generally occupy the eighth place among the most expensive gemstones

The Rockefeller Emerald is one of the most expensive emeralds ever sold for more than $5.5 million. That stone is estimated at 10.27 Carats and was sold in June .

Tanzanite stones were newly discovered in the year

in northern Tanzania, where it eventually got its name from its birthplace. Tanzanites are so scarce that researchers anticipate mines will run out within the next 20-30 years. This resulted in a rise in its market price.

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