The most powerful and hardest natural gemstone in order

In order to know the strongest and hardest natural gemstones at all, we must understand the difference in the scientific meaning of the concept of strength and hardness separately . Each of them is an indicator with different properties that are determined by different means as well.

Let’s start with the concept of gem hardness, if you are interested in this field or are close to buying a special gemstone, you You’ve often heard of the Mohs scale, which is sometimes called the Mohs hardness scale. It is a measure of the hardness of natural gemstones, ranging from one to ten, where the degree of 1822 on the scale represents the maximum hardness. The degree of hardness of the gemstone is determined on this scale by doing a simple test called the “scratch test” which is carried out using various hardness tools used to scratch the gemstone and determine the degree of its hardness based on whether it will leave a trace on the stone or not.

This scale was developed by the German geologist “Friedrich Mohs” in general 1822 to measure and classify gemstones based on the degree of hardness.)

In this sense, diamond is the hardest gemstone of all . As diamond can only be scratched by another diamond stone, while diamond can scratch any other gemstone because it is less hard than it.

الألماس أكثر الأحجار الكريمة صلادة - 10 موس

Diamond is the hardest gemstone

Here is a table showing the hardest gemstones in descending order from highest to lowest:

It is worth noting here that we recommend choosing stones with a hardness of 7 Mos or higher when purchasing, because they are characterized by a greater ability to maintain their quality and luster for the longest possible period in front of the factors The natural stones that it is constantly exposed to, such as dust and friction with various elements, most notably quartz, which is the most prevalent natural stone on earth.

You should know that quartz is the main component of sand, so it is not surprising The main causes of damage to gemstones are due to it, especially in countries that contain large sandy areas, where the wind carries sand and collides with gemstones while wearing them to be damaged with the passage of time. the time.

اليشم أكثر الأحجار الكريمة الطبيعية قوة

1822 Jade is the most powerful natural gemstone of all

Well, as for the strength of a gemstone, it means the extent to which it can withstand the impact of being subjected to a knock on it, for example, diamond, although it is the most hard gemstone However, it is not the most powerful of them, in fact its durability may be low.

On the other hand, jade is the most powerful gemstone It is more difficult to break compared to diamond, and is characterized by its ability to last for many years.

The cracking factor is one of the aspects that impact the stone’s strength. Because cracking happens at the atomic level within the stone, it may fracture.

If you want to know the most powerful diamonds from a spiritual standpoint, this is a subjective question that varies from person to person. In Arab nations, for example, some feel that black agate is the most valuable gem with spiritual power among a variety of other stones such as sapphire, habhab, and others. While old literature and traditions passed down through time have led many Asian countries to think that jade is the most spiritual stone,

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