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Sweat al-Sahali is called the limp of the coasts, as the prevailing name differs based on culture, accent, and pronunciation. The lizard with its two names is a legendary stone that is divided into several main types, which are animal, mountain and marine races. The name (al-Arq) was given to this stone because it is similar to veins in terms of size and shape. It is not round or square, but rather in the form of a vertical spiral. While the word coast is called in relation to the marine coast race, which is the origin of the types of coast race. The stone has strong spiritual abilities and legendary properties and benefits, so it is a very popular stone and is accepted by many who wish to take advantage of its healing and therapeutic abilities in addition to its ability to fulfill desires and control.

Some promote race Coasts are for sale at exorbitant prices that exceed the prices of diamonds, which literally sit on the throne of the most valuable gemstone, and the strange paradox here is that many are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy it without caring about its true value and price. Coast race seems to be the haven for those who want to cure chronic diseases and who want to achieve things that are difficult to attain and perhaps almost impossible to achieve.

The original form of the coastal vein

Sweat is actually an organic stone of very little value, and its value is gained only from the myths and beliefs that are woven around it and that are promoted by specialists in the sciences of spirituality and magic. In fact, if you do not know the shape of the coast vein and you find it lying on the ground, you will pick it up and throw it in the nearest trash can.

The shape of the natural coast race

A talisman or several runes are added to the coast race to give it certain abilities and characteristics based on its type, those runes It includes inscriptions, symbols and mythical shapes derived from Arabic writings dating back to ancient times, some of which are claimed to be attributed to Harut and Marut, two angels who were sent to teach those who want to learn about magic and how to use it to fulfill desires. Coastal veins are mostly in the form of spirals, each of which includes a number of lobes based on its length and size.

The form of coastal veins (claudication) after extraction

Original Coast Race Put the Coast Race over a locked padlock and it will open

Bring the coastline closer to a magnet and you will notice its effect on the magnetic field

Pass the sweat over a pot of boiling water to find it stops boiling for a while

Put the sweat near a plasma jet and you will notice an effect if it is original Bring a glass of vodka or whiskey or any other beverage and put the coastline on it to break it

The original Coast Sweat breaks glass Causes vibrations near it These are the ways of identifying the original (real) coastline based on beliefs and legends.

The (real) indigenous race is a term that An existence created by spiritual practitioners to deceive buyers and persuade them to buy from them and not others. And this is what many are convinced of, and sometimes, when they discover that the veins they have purchased have no real value and did not help in achieving any desires, they continue to search for the original veins and for that they spend thousands of dollars.

Properties And the capabilities of the Coast Sweat

To deceive and deceive buyers is morally unjustified and does not explain the embezzlement of thousands of dollars from them. Therefore, in all simplicity, the false coast race and the real coast race, there is no difference between them.

How to extract coast vein from hedgehog

Going to a forest and looking for a hedgehog’s hole

Constantly watching the hedgehog from a distance so that it does not feel danger

It is preferable to do this during the mating period that is between the months of April and September of each year

Special food was provided to the hedgehog during that period in the form of donations To protect the hedgehog from dangers in its natural environment Knowing and preserving the places frequented by the hedgehog

Waiting until the date of birth

During childbirth the hedgehog picks up a stone (can to be vegetarian) from the local forest A duck while going to the burrow (The hedgehog throws the stone while entering the hole Picking up the coasts race before it loses its effect

In fact, there is another way in which a pair of hedgehogs is raised and a suitable environment is provided for them to mate, and it is a method accepted by many to save exorbitant amounts of money to buy race, waiting until the hedgehog comes with a black stone During childbirth, just like the first method to be picked up and obtained. In one of the other legends, the coast vein is extracted from the stomach of a hedgehog, where it is believed that it is formed inside.

Hedgehogs are omnivores, and they eat everything they can reach in their mouths, including mollusks, worms millipedes, earthworms, beetles, caterpillars and other insects, in addition to fruits and mushrooms. Hedgehogs follow their food and make a living in the edges of the forest, hedgehogs and suburban habitats. This means that they are found in gardens, parks, and farmland. But it is moving away from, arable lands containing less food sources.

The life cycle of the hedgehog consists of winter hibernation and the reproductive period in the period from April to September, and it is born from four to five hedgehogs per birth . Hedgehogs hibernate from November through spring, depending on the weather, so they are likely to come out in spring or summer.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that roam for distances of up to 2 kilometers per night. Usually moving from one place to another continuously, hedgehogs have five-fingered distinctive traces with sharp claw marks, about 2.5 cm long and 2.8 cm wide. It is extracted from the sea from one of the types of coral, some of which are coal and fossilized materials.

The shape of the coastline between the sands

Types of Coast Race

There are several types of coastline race, the most famous of which is animal coast race, which It is obtained from the hedgehog while entering the burrow and from its stomach, in addition to the marine coast race, which is classified as an organic stone, and the mountain coast race, which is extracted from the mountains.

    1. Animal Coast Sweat 3758 The animal coast race is extracted from the hedgehog, as has been explained, and it is one of the types of coast race with strong and legendary abilities that are used for the purpose of healing diseases, harnessing the elves and communicating with the underworld.

It is in the form of a spiral and its lengths and shapes vary. It is usually of plant origin, as it consists of pieces of wood in the trunks and branches of trees that have fallen to the ground and become petrified. It is characterized by its black color similar to charcoal. There is also the coastline, which consists of coal and stone. The quality of animal coast stone is due to the nature of the environment and the materials in it.

2. Maritime Coast Race 3758 The sea coast vein is usually made of coral and has a spiral shape and is extracted from the sea where it grows in shallow waters and marine reefs. It is also extracted from some marine creatures that live in the sand near the sea.

This type of coastline race is characterized by its ability to increase sexual desire, corruption, fulfill desires and bring the beloved. Talismans are added by engraving symbols and shapes with q Legendary courses that double his abilities and effectiveness.

The shape of the coastal vein

3. Mountain Coast Race 3758 The mountainous race of the coasts is extracted from mountains in remote areas. It is dark black or brown in color, characterized by its hardness and extreme strength. The coast vein extracted from the mountains is cut and formed in the form of a spiral with twists ranging from 7 to

Why are symbols and talismans engraved on it to gain certain abilities.

The mountain coast race is used from It is usually worn in the form of a necklace attached to a chain around the neck, and it is also added to bracelets and carried to take advantage of its capabilities.

4. Royal Coast Race 3758 The Royal Coast Race is one of the most common types of race, as it is promoted for its ability to bring livelihood and wealth, solve problems and disputes, and is offered at moderate prices compared to other types of race.

According to folklore, the Royal Sahel race uses it by wearing it while working and speaking with others to demonstrate its efficiency, and it is commonly put as a silver amulet. Arak goldsmiths choose to make it with silver to boost its healing ability and to offer it particular qualities that aid in attracting money.

4. 3758 Royal Coast Race The Royal Sahel race is the most valuable type of race, and it is obtained by affluent Arabs who believe in its extraordinary skills to interact with elves, the spiritual side, and the fulfilment of aspirations. It is a black stone in the shape of a spiral loaded with specific incantations, and it is believed that magical rituals were performed on it to boost its powers. Rings, chains, bracelets, amulets, and it may also be used as a raw stone without any changes. The price of a coastal race ranges from hundreds of dollars, which is generally the sea coast race, to thousands of dollars, such as the animal, mountain, and royal race, until it reaches millions of dollars, as in the royal race.

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