The world’s largest source of diamonds – the 10 largest mines in order

أكبر مصدر للألماس

Larger Source of diamonds in the world

The largest source of diamonds in the world is the Ikhal mine in Russia, with total reserves of up to  .70 Million carats At the level of the countries of the world, Russia comes to contain the largest diamond mines and reserves. Botswana follows with a production of more than twenty tons and a reserve of more than 240 Million carats. While Australia comes in third place, although it does not contain huge diamond mines among the largest 10 Diamond mines in the world, but it contains many diamond mines from which it is extracted in large quantities.

The largest exporter of diamond

first place

Russia, which has the largest diamond mines in the world, and production exceeds 40 Million carats per year

Second placeBotswana comes in second place because it contains huge diamond mines, the production of which exceeds 42 Million carats per year

Third place Australia contains a large number of diamond mines whose production exceeds Million carats annually

Fourth place The Congo contains many mines from which more than Million carats of diamonds

Fifth placeCanada contains one of the largest diamond mines in the world and its production increases at 11 Million carats per year and it is steadily increasing annually

(6th place) Angola is one of the most famous African countries Contains diamond mines and extracted from them 11 Million carats of diamonds officially, while it is believed that larger quantities are extracted unofficially

Seventh place South Africa is a great deal of fame In the extraction of diamonds from ancient times, and the production exceeds 9 million carats annually

Eighth place

Zimbabwe On average, more than 3 million carats are extracted from them annually.

Ninth place Namibia is mined for a limited amount of 2 million carats per year. Average ranked tenth

Sierra Leone where is extracted thousand tons of diamonds annually

The largest diamond mines in the world

    1. Ikhal Mine In Russia

    2. Gwaneng Mine in Botswana
        from Jim Udakhny in Russia

Nerpa Mine in Russia

Uraba Mine in Botswana

Katuka Mine in Angola

The largest diamond mines in the world

1. Ikhal Diamond Mine in Russia

The Ikhal Mine is located in Sakha (Yakutia), Russia, and is the largest exporter of diamonds in the world. It comprises various deposits, including the Jubilee reservoir, the Aykhal reservoir, the Komsomolskaya reservoir, and the Azaria reservoir, which are estimated to contain .65 Million carats of diamond reserves.

This The mine is owned and operated by Alrosa’s Aychal Mining and Processing Division. The Jubilee and Komsomolskaya deposits are extracted through open pits. The current reservoirs are located at a depth of 250 meters and plans to reach a final depth of

Diamonds have also been extracted from The Ekhal deposit was carried out through open digging until it was converted to underground mining using the slash-and-pack mining method. Work is currently underway on the Zarya reservoir, and diamonds will be extracted from it through the open-drilling method using selective mining.

2. The Gwaneng Diamond Mine in Botswana

The Gwaneng Diamond Mine in Botswana is an open-pit mine located at

a mile southwest of Gaborone. It is estimated that it contains diamond reserves of 3337 . 6 million tons.

Guanying Company , owned by Depswana Diamond Company, in partnership with 67: 50 between (Dobbers is part of the Anglo-American Group) and the government of Botswana, the world’s richest diamond mine In terms of value. The mine has been in production for decades and represents up to % of Depswana’s revenue. The company operates four diamond mines in Botswana.

The current operating depth of the Guanying pit is meters. A major expansion project, called the ninth block, is currently underway in Guanying to extend the life of the mine to 2034 at least.

أكبر مناجم الماس 3. Udakhny Diamond Mine in Russia

The Udakhny diamond mine, located in the Yakutia region of Russia, is the third largest diamond mine in the world in terms of reserve volume. The mine is owned by Alrosa and operated by the Udakhny Mining and Processing Division. .46 million tons From the estimated reserves.
Gold is extracted from the Zarnesta reservoir through an open-pit mining process that uses traditional truck and shovel equipment. The mine is currently operating at a depth of 166 m and designed to reach M

The Verkhny Monsko aquifer consists of five reservoirs, including Zapolarnaya, Deimos, Novinka, Magnitania and Boskovaya.

The shape of the diamond ring is natural

4). The Nerpa Diamond Mine in Russia

Nureba is an open-air mine located at 200 kilometers northwest of Nyorba, Russia. It is owned by Alrosa and operated by the Mining and Processing Division of Neruba.

The mine consists of three deposits, including the Nyrobskaya, Potobinskaya and Kimberlite deposits. Together they all contain an estimated 3337 .92 million tons of Reserves.

The Nairobiskaya tube is extracted by the open-hole method with its current depth of up to 345m and designed depth 2042m . The Putubinskaya Pipeline is located 3 km south of the Neurbinskaya deposit. 5. Uraba Diamond Mine in Botswana

The Uraba Diamond Mine is located at 175 km west of Francistown, central Botswana. It is estimated that the open mine contains 164. 2 million tons of reserves.
استخراج الماس الطبيعي The Uraba Mine is the oldest of the four diamond mines operated by the Depswana Company. Mining is currently being carried out at a depth 250 meters and is expected to reach

    meters in the future. Depswana is currently conducting a detailed study to extend the life of the mine through a new open pit called Cat 3.
    1. 6. The Katuka Diamond Mine in Angola

The Katuka diamond mine is an open pit located near Saurimo, about 3335 km east of Luanda, Angola. It is estimated that it contains up to 160 Million tons of minable diamonds.

The Katuka mine produced 7. 75 million tons of diamonds from about 15. metric tons of ore, which represents 75 % of total diamond production in Angola. The depth of operation in the currently open mine exceeds 245 Meters.

7. Ikati diamond mine in Canada

The Ekati diamond mine is located in the Lac-de-Grasse region in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is the first open-air underground diamond mine on Earth that has begun production.

Dominon Diamond Mines is owned and operated by the Icati Diamond Mine. It is estimated that the Ikati diamond mine contains . 4 million tons of reserves. Mining activities during the early years of development were concentrated on six surface mines, including Bertooth, Fox, Koala, North Koala, Misery and Panda, as well as three underground mines Koala, North Koala, and Panda.

Sable, Pigeon, Missri, Lynx and Koala mines are the only ones currently operating. Diamonds are extracted from the Lynx, Pigeon and Sable mines by open-pit methods. . 8 million tons on average per year. The current age of the mine is up to 760, although the planned development of several deposits, including Fox Gibb and Guy, is expected to extend the life of the mine to .

Natural Diamond Shape Jewelry) 8. South Africa’s Venetia Diamond Mine
The Venetia Diamond Mine, located 80 kilometres from Musina in the Limpopo province of South Africa, is believed to have more than 4 million tonnes of diamond deposits.
Venetia is South Africa’s largest diamond mine, consisting of 42 Kimberlite tubes. De Beers owns and operates it, and it has been in operation for more than two decades. The open pit operation will continue two years before being switched to subterranean mining. The present mining depth is 345 metres, and the area covered is 3.8 hectares. 9. TRussia’s Lomonosov Diamond Mine The Lomonosov Diamond Mine is Europe’s largest hard rock diamond mine. The mine is owned by Alrosa and operated by its subsidiary Bau Minemaz in Arkhangelsk, Russia. It is expected to have.89 million tonnes of reserves. The mine is made up of six kimberlite tubes, two of which, Arkhangelskaya and Karpinskogo, are currently under construction. The Arkhangelskaya Pipe was found two decades ago, and open pit mining began over a decade ago using classic truck and shovel methods.. Russia’s Mir diamond mine The Mir or Mirny Mine is a diamond mine in Russia’s Yakutia area. The underground diamond deposits were evaluated at 75.77 million tonnes. Alrosa Corporation’s Mirny Mining and Processing Division owns and operates Diamond Mine Mir. Mir Kimberlite Pipe, Pipe International, Edlach Erlach, Gornoy, and Vodorazdilny Galichniki extract diamond ore. Three stages of reservoir mining using underground cutting and packing mining processes. Open mining methods are used to extract the deposits of the Areliakh, Gornoi, and Vodorazdinli reservoirs..

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