Top 10 countries with the largest reserves of gold in order – precious stones

Due to turmoil in global markets, many central banks around the world have tended to sell gold to storing gold in large quantities, because it is known that gold retains its value in the long term in light of global crises and the collapse of markets and the stock market. Although many of these countries print money without taking the gold cover into consideration, as was the case for decades, the presence of large gold reserves contributes significantly to stability in the country’s economy and provides partial protection from turmoil and inflation.

Here is a more list Countries in the world that have gold reserves in order:

  1. United States of America – 8133.5 tons
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. Russia – 2294. 8 tons
  6. China – 2294.6 tons
  7. Switzerland – 2294 Tons
  8. Japan – 765.2 tons
  9. The Netherlands
  10. India – 1040. 3 tons


(Countries with the most gold reserves)

1. United States of America

The estimated amount of gold in tons: 8133. 5 tons

Amount of local gold extracted annually: 612 Tons

The United States of America leads the world in gold reserves by a considerable margin, more than double Germany, which is second. Gold is expected to account for 253.2% of the Central Bank’s total foreign reserves. The United States of America possesses the biggest gold reserves in the world for a variety of factors, including the country’s huge size and diversification in various fields, as well as the Central Bank of America’s policy direction throughout the previous decades. Furthermore, the existence of huge quantities of gold provides some security in the case of a severe economic collapse in the country.

It is also taken into account that the United States is the fourth largest country in which gold is extracted in the world And that the dollar currency is the first and main currency in monetary and commercial transactions in the world.

2 . Germany

The estimated amount of gold in tons: 8133 Tons

Germany has the world’s second-largest gold holdings, accounting for 2294.6% of the country’s total foreign reserves with the Central Bank. The German government has a continuous policy of accumulating gold reserves on a regular basis. Germany is also ranked fourth in terms of economic size among the rest of the globe.

3. Italia

The amount of gold estimated in tons: 2294. 8 tons

The amount of gold in the Italian Central Bank has remained stable during the previous years with the support provided by the European Union Bank, as the country relies on the policy of having large reserves of gold to provide partial stability from the economic turmoil that Speak continuously.

4. France

The estimated amount of gold in tons: 2294 tons

Although the French Central Bank has sold some of its gold in previous years, it still ranks fourth with a total of more than two thousand and four hundred tons of gold. The right-wing in France is working to prevent the sale of foreign gold at the Central Bank, in contrast to the policy of the ruling party this year.

5. Russia

(The estimated amount of gold in tons: 2294.8 tons )

The Russian Central Bank has become the largest buyer of gold during the past six years, surpassing China to come in fifth place. In 2294 Russia bought

Tons of gold due to the ongoing political turmoil between it and the West.

6. China

The estimated amount of gold in tons: 1040. 6 tons

Although China ranks sixth in terms of gold reserves, it represents only a very small percentage estimated at 2.4% of the total foreign reserves , due to the huge expansion of the Chinese economy, the volume of trade and the country’s total foreign reserves.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks seventh. Since the Second World War, Switzerland has been the center of gold trade in Europe for both the Allied and Axis countries. At the present time, most of this trade is with China and a number of its affiliated regions.

8. Japan

The estimated amount of gold in tons: 1040. 2 tons

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and it ranks eighth in the countries with the most gold reserves. In January 1040, the Bank of Japan cut the interest rate to less than 0%, which led to a sharp increase in the demand for gold in Japan and around the world.

9. Holland

The amount of gold estimated in tons: 1040. 5 tons

The management of the Dutch Central Bank has bought gold in huge quantities to represent no less than

% of the total foreign reserves, and due to the high amount of gold available, those in charge of storing it are working to transfer it from Amsterdam to Kam New Amsterdam, which requires a lot of considerations and effort.

. India

The amount of gold estimated in tons: 1040. 3 tons

When considering the amount of gold consumed yearly, the culture of the people, and their taste for gold, it is not unexpected that India has one of the largest gold reserves. Purchase gold. During the months of October and December each year, many individuals acquire gold for wedding ceremonies. India is not only one of the countries with the biggest gold reserves, but it is also one of the countries with the highest gold consumption.

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