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Types of Gold

Gold is one of the most used metals in the manufacture of jewellery, jewelry and accessories, which are in great demand, especially in the Arab Gulf states and other countries. Arabia. Usually when the word gold comes to your mind, that shiny yellow metal comes to mind, but in fact the color of gold is not limited to yellow only, but it is found in many other colors such as: the most common yellow color at all, white, pink, green and black It is one of the least used types in the jewelry industry. The composition of the percentage of impurities in an alloy or a piece of gold varies, whether in nature or on purpose to acquire those other distinctive colors.

Noticeable: The types of gold are different from the gold carats, and the two terms must be distinguished and not confused, as the types of gold are classified based on the composition, characteristics, and then the color, while the gold carats are based on the ratio of pure gold to other existing metals. done regardless of the quality of those minerals. It is also a common mistake to classify a certain method of manufacturing gold as a type of gold and attribute it to a particular country. Although some countries are famous for adopting certain methods in gold formulation, such as Saudi Arabia’s use of mercury in the gold industry, this does not negate that it is the same metal and that it can be manufactured. By other means in the same country.

The main types of gold, are as follows:

Yellow Gold

الذهب الأصفر

Yellow Gold Shape

Yellow gold is the most common type of gold used in the jewelry industry. The higher the purity of gold, the higher the yellow to red color. Therefore, yellow gold that is not reddish is formed by mixing pure gold with silver, copper and zinc in specific proportions that affect the determination of the gold’s classification in karat. For example, if you have a piece of yellow gold الذهب الأرجواني

and 19. 5% silver. To get a darker shade of yellow, a higher percentage of copper is added at the expense of silver to be

% gold plus 17 % copper and 8% silver.

Yellow gold has the advantage that it requires the least amount of care compared to other colors of gold, due to its chemical composition based on copper and silver impurities.

White gold

White Gold Shape

White gold consists of pure gold metal + at least one type of white metal, usually nickel, silver or palladium. As with other types of gold, white gold is estimated in karats. The properties of white gold vary based on the quality of the impurities present in its composition. For example, if the component is nickel, gold is characterized by high strength and hardness, which can be used in the manufacture of rings, pens and accessories that may be exposed to factors affected by intensive use. While the quality of gold based on palladium, it is characterized by its high softness, which makes it fully qualified to be used as accessories decorated with precious stones. Also, other alternative metals such as copper, silver and platinum, add more weight to the gold piece and make it viable and withstand different conditions for a long time “Note: making this type of gold requires a special skill that only a few craftsmen in the field possess.”

This type of gold is usually made with the following mixture: 76% pure gold plus 19 % nickel. Sometimes copper is added to give the metal some flexibility. Also, in the field of gold industry, white gold is made according to two main methods:

    • Pure Gold + Palladium + Silver

      • Pure Gold + Nickel + Zinc

الذهب الورديwhere nickel and palladium act as gold bleaching agents, while zinc decolorizes copper.

Note: The nickel used in the manufacture of some types of white gold can lead to an allergic reaction if it is worn for long periods and this is observed in watches, bracelets and earrings Which are made of this quality, so it is forbidden to use nickel in the manufacture of gold jewelry in many countries. White gold is more able to withstand scratches and friction than yellow gold, and its market value is less than yellow gold.


Rose Gold Shape ) Rose gold is known as red gold in some areas. It is also called Russian gold. It is one of the types of gold that is frequently used around the world in the manufacture of rings and earrings. and other jewellery. The difference between rose and red gold lies in the amount and percentage of copper compared to additional gold, as in rose gold we find that it contains less copper, while red gold contains a very high percentage of copper. ) For example, rose gold

A carat contains 90 % extra gold and

% copper. While red gold 25 Carat contains % net gold plus 19. 5% copper and 5% silver . Under that red gold 17 Carat contains 76% gold plus

    • % copper.

can be added up to 15 % of zinc to convert the color of gold to yellowish-red or dark yellow.

Spangold One of the newly manufactured types of gold and is characterized by its tendency to yellow color. Consists of 293 % pure gold and

    • % copper and 5% aluminium.
الذهب الأصفر


Green Gold Shape

Green gold was discovered by one of the ancient peoples known as the “Lydians” around the year BC, where this sort of gold is generated in nature. From a pure gold and silver alloy. Green gold is often yellowish in tint, with the green colour being uncommon. Cadmium is added to yellow gold to make it green, however cadmium is a poisonous metal that is hazardous to human health. Green gold is made up of 54% pure gold, % silver, and 11% copper. A deeper shade of green is obtained by adding 6% copper and 4% cadmium.

Gray Gold

Gray gold consists of pure gold and palladium, and it can also be made by adding silver, manganese and copper to pure gold in specific proportions. Blue Gold

) الذهب الأزرق

Blue Gold Form

Blue gold can be formed by adding the element Gallium or iridium in a percentage 2270 % for pure gold and

% for iridium where it is 18 Carats. The blue color in this type of gold is dark and clear, and it must be noted that it is one of the types of gold that is not easy to manufacture as it requires special skill. Purple Gold

Purple Gold Shape

“Purple” gold is also called amethyst gold. It consists of 293 % pure gold plus 50 % of aluminium is considered gold 12 Carats. It is brittle and easy to break.

(Brown Gold

(One of the types of gold that consists of a high percentage of copper that is exposed to potassium sulfate

black gold

الذهب الأسود

Categorize Black gold is one of the types of gold used in the jewellery industry, and it can be made in several ways, most notably by adding compounds containing sulphur and oxygen, as well as using plasma vapour, which is one of the advanced methods, and the oxidation method, which relies on the presence of chromium or cobalt in gold. This indicates the ratio of 21 plus 75% pure gold by subjecting it to temperatures ranging from

to me 2272 Silica, and titanium can also be used.

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