What are organic gemstones

The majority of gemstones are made of minerals, based on their crystal structure , while there are other types that do not return its composition to minerals and but its origin It is due to a natural organic source, which means that these organic gemstones were formed through an organic process that does not go out of two main parts, which are gemstones of animal origin and gemstones of plant origin .

The types of organic gemstones are relatively small compared to stones of mineral origin, the most famous of which are amber, coral and pearls and black amber and ivory .

Amber, which is made of stones The organic matter, as we mentioned, is from the resin secreted by species of pine trees nearly fifty million years ago. It has been used in the jewelry industry by peoples around the world since before the water Ladd, the largest stock of it is in Kaliningrad, Russia, while another large stock of it is found in the Baltic Sea region..

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Coral stones Also of organic origin as it consists of some types of marine coral reefs, the most valuable of them are found in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the coasts of Japan. . Its colors range from dark red, red to orange, pinkish orange, pink, white, blue and black . Coral in its natural form has not good colors, but after processing and preparing it becomes these attractive colors .

As for ivory, it refers to the material that makes up the tusks of elephants, where today ivory also comes From the teeth of day mares, walruses, and wild boars, dentin is mainly composed of calcium phosphate . Before the invention of plastic, ivory was considered of great importance in the manufacture of handles, musical instruments, billiard balls and many other purposes. Other . As a result of the significant decrease in the number of animals that produce it and its approaching to the stage of extinction, international resolutions were issued prohibiting and criminalizing the sale of ivory .

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2016 Ivory Speculum

While pearls are the most valuable organic jewels obtained from fresh and saltwater shellfish, it has been in use for more than a year, dating back to

As its commerce became well-known in China, one of the most notable characteristics of pearls is that they do not require any treatment, as they are of exceptional beauty in His natural image.

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