What are the colors of sapphire stone

The term sapphire is given to a sapphire stone that has pink and red tones. In the early ages, some people believed that the sky was a huge blue sapphire stone that was an integral part of the earth, and is there any other picture more appropriate to describe the beauty of this pure stone?! The color of this stone is not represented in one degree of blue, but rather exceeds it to combine all its degrees in that sky, starting from the dark blue color to appearing on the page of the sky at dinner time and ending with the bright half blue color that is represented in the image of one of the dazzling summer nights that cast Its magic on our hearts and minds. However; This gorgeous gemstone is multicolored, not only in the translucent blue-gray that appears from the far horizon but also takes on the color of the sunset color range such as yellow, pink, orange and purple.

The red color is the main color of the sapphire stone and it is called the red sapphire or ruby, as it is the preferred color for approximately

% for people, both men and women. This color is strongly associated with several emotions such as sympathy, friendship, harmony and loyalty, which belong to traits that prove useful in the long term and feelings of mutual understanding and trust that cannot be destroyed. So blue has become suitable for all the constant and reliable feelings. This is one of the reasons why women in different countries want a sapphire ring in their engagement. The sapphire symbolizes loyalty, but at the same time expresses people’s love and nostalgia for them. Perhaps the most famous example where sapphires are found is the field of music.

Red Ruby Shape (Red Ruby Gem)

Sapphire stone colors

Pure (aluminum oxide) sapphire is completely transparent and colorless It is identical in terms of chemical composition with the sapphire stone, but it acquires its distinctive color because it contains impurities of minerals that give it a red color. The different colors of sapphire are produced from different chemical impurities or from other rare elements. Where traces of iron and titanium enter the color of blue sapphire, while the mixture of the two elements produces yellow or orange sapphire, and chromium alone produces red and pink (sapphire), and iron produces only a slight yellow and green color. The element vanadium produces violet or purple sapphire.

Pink sapphire

حجر الياقوت الوردي

Picture of pink sapphire stone

As already mentioned that blue sapphire is the most popular, pink sapphire occupies the second place of The most popular colors after blue. There are two reasons for this, the first of which shows that the pink-colored gemstones are generally very popular, including diamonds and other stones. Since pink sapphire has become unusually expensive, it has become a gemstone of outstanding beauty. The second reason is the scarcity of pink sapphires, such as the red ruby. One of the similarities between sapphire and ruby ​​is that it is also found in small sizes and some impurities are attached to it. Unlike pink sapphires, they can be found in large sizes. Yellow sapphire is an outstanding stone because it holds a great place in astrology as it is associated with the largest of the planets – Jupiter. Jupiter is believed to be a particularly auspicious planet and is associated with meanings of wisdom, good luck, power and wealth. Violet sapphires are often grouped with pink sapphires.
Shape of stones Raw sapphire

Green sapphire

Green sapphire is slightly less costly than other sapphire hues. Pure green sapphire is extremely rare, especially in big proportions, and therefore is quite precious; most green sapphires have yellow and blue components.

أحجار ياقوت خام

The shape of a precious red ruby ​​stone Carats

Sapphire colors are sometimes enhanced by heating. For example: when blue sapphire is heated, rutile (titanium dioxide) impurities dissolve and this affects the color improvement and clarity. Some of the yellow and orange sapphires are heated with beryllium to produce a more vibrant colour. Reputable gemstone dealers discover all stone treatments and laboratory stone test reports will note any treatment. There are two unusual sapphire colors that deserve special attention; The first is called Padparadscha which is a mixture of pink and orange and is a very rare and valuable stone. The second type is also rare and changes color under different lighting and usually consists of blue and violet.

What Makes Sapphire So Popular

For fans and specialists alike, the qualities of this gemstone are numerous, and these qualities are reflected in its sparkling beauty, brilliant hues, transparency, stability, and durability, and these attributes are not only linked with the blue stone, but also with its other colours. Sapphire belongs to the group of aluminium oxide stones known for their exceptional toughness, having a Mohs hardness rating of nine. And one stone, diamond, has a harder hardness than sapphire since it is the hardest stone on the planet. Because of its toughness, sapphire is simple to care for, requiring just routine maintenance from the wearer.

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