What are the types of opal stone?

There are several types of precious opal in nature, and their characteristics differ in terms of color and appearance, as we will discuss with you. % of the opal stone is from the continent of Australia, while the black opal is extracted mainly from “New South Wales” in Australia. The rock opal is extracted from “Queen Island, Australia.” We cannot forget the crystal and white opal that is extracted from southern Australia. Its composition is due to the different arrangement of silica particles. When looking closely at the origin of the stone’s composition, we find that the type of silica that makes up opal is chemically similar to quartz, but the silica that makes up opal contains water within its mineral composition. Precious opals usually contain from 6 to 10 percent of water. The reason for the diversity of colors in opals is due to the arrangement of groups of silica particles that neutralize the white color, and refract light into the colors of the spectra of light. The actual range of opal colors is determined by the distances and diameters of the silica particles. As the colors of the opal stone can vary based on the angle of the light falling on it, for example when the stone is rotated we find that the color can change or even disappear relatively. These exciting features make opals particularly interesting and unique.

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Types of opal stone

There are four The main types of opal are black, crystal, rock and white opals. When it is used in the jewelry industry, its variables and characteristics must be taken into account to choose among them. Each of the types of opal stone we will review for you in the following lines

Black opal

The black opal is the most valuable and expensive among the opal types. It features a black background that you can see clearly when you look at it from above. The black opal which has an intense red color is by far the most valuable in the opal jewelry trade. There is a general rule for opals that you must know, the more light and clear the colors of the stone, the higher its price value, the color of the stone in the background is definitely not included as we indicate in that type. Crystal Opal 312

Crystal opal stone is characterized by being transparent without a background and contains a large variety of colors, this type of stone is transparent, so it is usually placed an opaque background behind the stone in order to show its brilliant colors. Some of the most beautiful opals on Earth are of the crystal type.


The rock opal is an opal that has been subjected to natural conditions that made it contain a layer of iron. As a result of being on a rock of iron stone. Experts have confirmed that the rock opal, which was discovered on Queen Island, Australia, is the brightest and best looking among the Australian opals.

White Opal

Opal stone White is the most common of all opals, distinguished by its white and sometimes pale background. It usually contains the colors red, green and blue.

Solid opal

A hard opal is a single piece of hard opal that is cut to make its surface round And smooth (cabochon cut) in contrast to the fact that the surface is straight. Well, hard opals are still more valuable and more expensive than double and triple opals, where the carat value is higher due to the high percentage of opals in them.

Opal Restaurant

Inlaid opals consist of opals that have been added to pieces of jewelry, whereby the jewelry pieces are on the same level from the surface of the stone. Any type of opal can be used to make inlaid opals, but black, crystal and steel opals are usually preferred. The binary opal

is an opal One of its distinguishing features is that it is not thick enough to be cut and fashioned into a solid opal. Binary opals are created by stacking the bright hues of opal over a background of ordinary opal (less colourful) or iron rock (where the opal is obtained). Because of their numerous dazzling hues, layers of rock opal are commonly utilised. Bi-opal gemstones are stunning in their beauty and are used to create one-of-a-kind and intriguing opal jewellery. They are also distinguished by modest pricing when compared to other forms of opals, despite their extraordinary beauty and magnificence.

Triple Opal

A triple opal stone is made up of three layers: a thin layer of valuable opal, a thin layer of quartz on top of the opal, and ironstone or a standard opal backdrop. Triple opal is distinguished by its low carat grade and broad availability in the jewellery industry, where its costs are significantly lower than those of solid and double opals. We love hard and duplex opals in particular due to their exceptional quality.

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