What is a luminous phosphorous stone

The luminous phosphorous stone in itself is not considered among any of the precious or semi-precious stones or even natural stones, as it is formed by adding “phosphorousin” powder or “chymeluminesin” luminous substance to one of the appropriate stones, which Often white, large, round. These substances and compounds have been known for a long time, dating back to 1322 in the year BC, according to what was mentioned in Some ancient writings, and it is likely that the history of its knowledge dates back to before that, although humanity did not know it at that time with the same current scientific concept.

Phosphorous was isolated for the first time in the laboratory in

by the German physicist Henning Brand.

That world He was interested in alchemy, the ancient science that was concerned with turning metals into gold when he first isolated phosphorous. Thus, since that moment, the use of this substance has spread in various fields. It is worth noting that most glow-in-the-dark toys are made by adding another substance called photoluminescence, which is produced by ionizing phosphorous with ordinary light, which gives it the ability to glow for long periods.

حجر الفسفور

Luminous phosphorous stone

The luminous phosphorous stone is called by several other names among the Arabs, most notably the stone of light or

the energy stone , and it is worth noting here that the common name for it “phosphorous stone” is not scientifically accurate, so it is rather to be called It has “artificial phosphorous stone”. The period during which this compound glows ranges from several hours to days, depending on the quality and concentration of the added phosphorous percentage.

It is commonly used in decorations, games and parties to give a distinctive and unusual appearance that attracts attention and adds an aesthetic touch to the The place.

Beliefs and legends about the benefits of phosphorous stone

The appearance of luminous phosphorous stones in the dark

The luminous phosphorous stone is not devoid of spiritual beliefs and myths, especially among some Arab peoples such as Iraq and Yemen, We find that it is used by some spiritualists and energy specialists to convince their clients of its healing effectiveness or ability to achieve things such as bringing money or influence.

Where he believes in his effective ability to remove negative energy and harmful thoughts from the mind of its holders by spreading a feeling of reassurance, peace and relaxation to him, which is the most important Myrrh, which also helps to make better decisions away from the various influences and stresses of life.

Also, it is known for its ability to renew the feeling of energy and activity in the body and motivate its possessors to work.

Several ancient beliefs were spread about its curative and preventive capabilities and the protection of its possessors from harm.

Increases the positive energy in the body   Eliminates fatigue and negative energy

Motivates to work

إكسسوارات الفسفور المضيئة

حجر الفسفور

Phosphorous is used in the manufacture of various accessories and ornaments

The phosphorous stone trade

Phosphorous stone is used in the manufacture of many types of products that are promoted in various fields as we mentioned, and among its uses are the manufacture of jewelry and accessories, including rings and necklaces, especially in Arab countries. These ornaments are often based on the beliefs of many in their characteristics and spiritual abilities, which is nothing more than mere myths that have no basis in truth. Which adds a distinctive appearance, regardless of the beliefs and legends that were revolving around it.

It is worth noting that the price of phosphorous stones is low and is within the reach of everyone, and is determined on the basis of the compounds used in its composition and concentration, along with the content

Are luminous phosphorous stone accessories harmful to humans?

One of the most prominent questions that are being asked about phosphorous stone is whether it will harm the wearer’s health or no. To answer this question simply, we must specify whether we mean the luminous accessories made of the phosphorous compound itself (this can be determined by looking at the attached leaflet or asking the seller directly) or from other compounds and elements such as tritium.

In the event that phosphorousin is used in its manufacture, it is clearly safe even for children and does not harm the health of its user. But if other compounds such as radioactive tritium were used, it would have relative harm to the cells of the body that are exposed to it.

 Can phosphorous accessories be re-glow and charged?

Yes, you may boost its glow if it starts to fade by placing it in a bowl of warm water or exposing it to light, putting it in a plastic bag, freezing it for many hours, and then swirling (vibrating) and banging on it.

Remember that if the light from it is fully lost by time (a few hours or a day at most), it will not be feasible to re-glow, at least not by traditional ways.

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