What is a natural diamond stone – 25 interesting facts with pictures

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Ring Diamonds are natural

Diamonds are the strongest and hardest gemstones ever. Centuries and since time immemorial, many exciting legends are associated with it. Diamonds are formed naturally from the tremendous temperatures and pressures under the earth’s crust, then the diamonds in their raw form are transferred to the earth’s surface through eruption and volcanic activities. The continent of Africa comes first, as it has and still contains the largest giant diamond mines in the world. Despite this, many of the pieces of jewelry used in the market are jewelry that have been extracted for a long time and then reformatted for use in the manufacture of new jewelry. It is worth mentioning here that there is nothing wrong with that, as diamonds are among the gem stones that can withstand for very long periods, allowing them to be passed on between tens and even hundreds of generations.

The shape of natural diamond jewelry

Because of the extreme hardness of diamonds and their unparalleled brilliance, they acquire great emotional value, as well as their ability to withstand all Types of Scratches As the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond stone, it is the highest on the Mohs scale of hardness among all natural stones.

A precious diamond ring

The formation of diamonds goes back to ancient times in the geological history of the Earth, as it takes billions of years to form, as it begins In the formation in the depths of the earth, then some of it, but not all the quantities formed, reach the surface where it is extracted. )

Diamond Ring

 Interesting information about diamonds

  1. in ancient Greek myths Diamonds were the tears formed by the gods.
  2. It was also known that diamonds are shards of falling stars.

  3. It was also known in myths that Cupid’s arrows, the god of love, were serrated with diamonds.
  4. Diamonds take billions of years to form in the depths of the earth.
  5. A small amount of natural diamonds reaches from the depths to the earth’s crust.
  6. There are no two identical diamonds that have the same properties in the ratio
  7. %.
  8. Diamonds are formed at a depth of
  9. Diamond Consists of 99% It is carbon that acquired that unique crystal structure from intense pressure and heat. The name diamond is derived from the Greek word Adamas, which means the indomitable supernatural.
  10. Diamond is the hardest natural gemstone on earth, with a degree of on the Mohs Hardness Scale
  11. . The only thing that can scratch the surface of a diamond is another diamond.

  12. kilometers below the surface of the earth at enormous temperatures and pressures.

  13. Diamonds have been known for thousands of years, as they were used in the manufacture of jewelry for kings and sculptures of mythical creatures.
  14. It was used in the manufacture of statues and sculptures in various civilizations.
  15. It was Diamonds are known for their protective abilities in ancient myths.
  16. Diamonds are known for their ability to give the wearer strength and courage during battles. 3953

  17. Kings used to put diamonds on their shields, believing in their ability to protect.
  18. He believed in Previous eras in the ability of diamonds to treat diseases and psychological fluctuations.
  19. India was the largest exporter of diamonds in the world until the eighteenth century.

  20. The lead in diamond mining moved from India to Brazil in the nineteenth century.
  21. At the end of the century 19 The lead shifted to the continent of Africa, specifically South Africa.
  22. The largest diamond ever discovered is the Cullinan diamond. Carats discovered in the year 3950 in South Africa.

The first use of diamonds in marriage in the modern era occurred in

When Archduke Maxmilan of Austria gave his wife Mary a golden ring with the letter M written with diamonds, as an expression of his eternal love.

Diamonds made in laboratories, which are known as industrial diamonds, have the same properties Chemical and appearance of natural diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are formed using advanced devices that simulate the formation of natural diamonds under the earth’s crust.

Scientists have discovered a planet in the Milky Way, it is believed that

% of it is natural diamonds in general 1477 is called 539 Cancri E

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