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The bead of the snake or the snake as it is sometimes called, is extracted from snakes, whether from its hollow after opening it or after the snakes remove it on their own. Which makes it fall within the organic stones. The live bead is known only for its value among some people in the Arab countries and Iran, along with some scattered countries around the world, as a result of the spread of some beliefs and legends around it, whether its ability to bring good and livelihood or misfortune and misfortune. Thus, this stone is not classified as a gemstone.

مظهر خرزة الحية أو الثعبان

That bead or group of organic outputs consists of the output or sperm that The snake takes it out when mating, as it is said, after it dries in the air. It can be obtained from either male or female snakes. It is worth noting that sometimes it is classified into two types, the first type, which is the most valuable, is said to consist of the output of the bones of the digested snakes and comes from snakes that were feeding on other snakes during their growth, while the other type is said to come from the hormones secreted by the snakes with their heads.

Benefits of the snake bead

Beliefs about the snake bead and its spiritual and therapeutic benefits for its holders vary. The most prominent of these beliefs is its ability to improve man’s qualities of strength, magnanimity, courage and virility, in addition to the ability to tame oneself and a sense of confidence. While for women, it helps to increase their attractiveness to men and their sense of self-confidence. Therefore, it is not surprising when you know that this stone was popular in the past, especially for this reason.

Besides that, legends say about the snake’s bead that it makes its bearer feel strong and control and helps him to submit to those around him to his authority and bear fear and dread In the hearts of the enemies.

Appearance of a snake bead that allegedly ate snakes while they were growing

It is worth mentioning here that some may follow some of the ancient writings or the claims of one of the spiritualists about putting a snake’s bead in the mouth or with a glass of water in order to obtain its benefits, which is what our scientific honesty urges us to warn of, because eating such The items could be life threatening. So avoid this to protect you and to maintain your health. It is noted here that if you have already done this, you should bring the bead and take it to the doctor so that he can help you as soon as possible.

The value of the snake bead in itself is not mentioned in order to be calculated, but rather it is estimated arbitrarily based on the beliefs of the seller and the buyer or even based on the stories that the seller tells his buyer in order to obtain

The bead can be bought and purchased from some persons or companies, particularly those specialising in spiritual stones, or from the source, which is generally one of the areas where snakes are reared for various purposes.

It is important to note that the live bead is quickly influenced by natural variables such as moisture, heat, and dust. As a result, if you have acquired this stone in any manner, we recommend that you keep it in a dry and closed area for as long as possible.

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