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Amber is one of the most fascinating gemstones because of how it is made. The stone is popular for hundreds of years and is used not only in jewellery but also in a variety of various embellishments. It is also utilised in traditional folk medicine.


original amber

Although there is, certain amber gemstones are regarded to be extremely uncommon due to the fact that some of them include animal and plant ingredients.)

Contrary to popular belief, amber is not a true gemstone. In fact, it is a petrified tree resin that can be aged from

to me 90 one million years! This resin is generally found in old evergreen trees. .

Many people choose to acquire amber because of its warm and beautiful hue, thus it is utilised in the production of various jewellery items, and it has been exchanged between cultures for thousands of years. The earliest amber ever unearthed is thought to be about

one million years. The youngest of the amber stones, its age is less than 3838 public.

كهرمان خاتم

Amber Ring

Where is the amber?

Amber can be found all over the world, but the largest deposits used in jewelry making are in the Dominican Republic and the region The Baltics in Europe and Myanmar .

كهرمان مجوهرات

Original Amber Earrings

Interestingly, each region in which amber is found represents a different era in the geological past of the planet.

The amber from the Dominican Republic is estimated to be aged between

And 30 one million years.Baltic amber is old, Which usually includes flies, ants and lizards, about 16 one million years.The age of the Burmese amber from Myanmar is about 100 one million years.

The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposits of amber, It is called Baltic amber or succinate .The meaning of amber dates back several thousand years and several cultures claim ownership of precious stones. The most common meaning of the stone can be attributed to Asian cultures where represents the spirit of the tiger It is considered the stone of courage .

The spiritual meaning of amber is also protection and is given to travelers to keep them safe on long journeys) .

how could you Knowing the quality of amber

High Quality Amber Shape – Ring

There are many ways to determine whether amber is of high quality . For example, looking at the color of a stone will give you a good indication of its age or value . The darker and richer the color, the higher the quality of the amber.

To test the authenticity of the amber stones, drip acetone paint onto a sample piece . If the liquid turns amber or becomes sticky, it is probably a fake . Acetone will not harm the original amber .

How to clean an amber stone

It is simple to care for amber stones. Simply use a gentle cloth. Make certain that the fabric is clean. Wet the stone with hot water, then massage it to remove any grease or dust. After that, immediately dry the stone with a cloth. You may also polish the stone and restore its brilliance with a tiny bit of olive oil.

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