What is Chinese gold

الذهب الصيني

Gold Chinese – its types, what it is and how to buy it

There are various definitions of the term Chinese gold, which results in inaccuracies and embarrassing situations while buying in stores Jewelery. The term Chinese gold refers to gold that was extracted from mines located in China, as well as gold that was imported from other countries and formulated in China, as well as gold that was imported from China, regardless of where it was extracted or formulated. In addition, the term Chinese gold usually refers to accessories made of metals and materials that are similar and sometimes identical to the appearance of gold so that it is difficult to differentiate between them. Rather, this is the term you are looking forward to. The gold-plated artifacts are sometimes called Chinese gold. These artifacts are identical to the appearance of gold and cannot be detected by appearance. These works are available in some jewelry stores, but under the name of plated gold or shell gold, not Chinese gold. By mixing certain low-cost materials and crafting them to look exactly like goldsmiths, their prices range from a dollar to ten dollars. While the second method is by coating cheap metals with gold, and its price is determined based on the shape and size, and the third method is the most difficult through a process in which the copper particles are affected. How to tell real gold from fake

Chinese gold that is made from low-cost materials is not usually sold in jewelry stores, but is sold in accessory stores for its low price. While Chinese imitation gold, which is made of copper, is not widely available, it is of higher quality as imitation gold, and it is difficult to distinguish it from the original gold while wearing it.

Many buyers resort to these Types of gold, especially with the continuous rise in gold prices. The sale of counterfeit gold is common in non-famous jewelry stores and accessory stores.

1 – Chinese gold Consisting of copper

الذهب الصيني المتكون من النحاس

خاتم ذهب صيني مطلي The form of Chinese gold consisting of copper

A team of Chinese scientists has developed an innovative method in which the influence of Copper particles and increase its purity rate to 800. % to match the appearance of real gold. This process occurs by exposing a piece of copper to electrically charged argon gas to form particles with properties similar to gold. forming a sandy layer. Each grain of sand has a diameter of several nanometers, which is a volume that is thousands of times less than the size of bacteria. The resulting metal can be used as high quality imitation gold with a weight and shape similar to real gold in the manufacture of handicrafts and jewelry. and valuable minerals. It is also used in the manufacture of electronic devices as an alternative to copper, as it is a better conductor of charges and electrons and has a higher ability to resist high temperatures, oxidation and corrosion. 2 – Chinese gold consisting of gold-plated metals


Chinese Gold Plated Ring Shape (Crust Gold)

In this method, a piece of cheap metal such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum and tungsten is brought, then coated with gold after melting it and turning it into a liquid. A crust is formed to cover the piece of jewelry that matches the appearance and color of real gold.

Usually, a coating of other gold-colored metals similar to the appearance of gold is used. This is due to its lower cost compared to real gold plating. In many cases, many merchants promote the works coated with a paint similar to gold as being plated with gold to achieve more profits. Leather. Some also use metals and types of paint that may cause allergic reactions to the wearer. Therefore, if you want to buy plated gold, we advise you to be careful in choosing a piece of metal that does not interact with the skin and is plated with real gold. Therefore, we advise you to buy it from a trusted and reputable jewelry store.

3 – Chinese Gold Consists of minerals and materials similar to gold 2704

2704 Various Chinese gold jewelry

The attractiveness of this type of imitation Chinese gold is that it is fashioned into the shapes of luxury jewelry produced by famous brands. It is formed by using materials and minerals that have a color and luster similar to gold.

It is available in accessories stores at very low prices, ranging between one and three dollars, and in a few jewelry stores. There is a high demand for this type of Chinese gold among girls and women of all ages, because it resembles real gold and is available in attractive and elegant forms, and is usually not distinguished while wearing it.

Is Chinese gold harmful to the skin and skin?

The answer, in short, is no. There are several ways in which Chinese gold is made and uses various metals and materials. Some of these metals may oxidize with the passage of time and cause skin infections, and some may cause allergic reactions to the wearer, while there are metals that do not cause any effects at all on the wearer. Skin and skin.

Also, there are many types of paint, the best of which is natural gold paint, as it does not cause any negative effects, while there are other types of paint that may cause infections and sensitivity to the skin while wearing it. Therefore, it depends on the quality of Chinese gold in itself.

Is Chinese gold real gold?

The answer is no; the methods used to create phoney Chinese gold vary, but they all have one thing in common: Unreal gold. If you mean gold mined from Chinese mines or formulated in China from actual gold, then it is, of course, real gold. Furthermore, most varieties of paint are manufactured using gold-like elements that are regarded unreal. While the sculptures are plated in actual gold, only the paint (the crust) is genuine.

There is a common fallacy that Chinese gold is 9 carat gold or less, which is mainly perpetuated by individuals who seek to deceive customers or those who lack experience in the sector. Chinese gold is typically counterfeit and fake, whereas gold weighing 9 karats or less is genuine gold.

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