What is white gold

الذهب الابيض

Gold The original white and its properties

White gold is pure gold that has been mixed with other metals that lead to a change in its color from yellow to white. It is one of the most beautiful types of gold and is the best choice for some precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and sapphires. The composition of white gold The name

White gold The main metal


Added Metals

(palladium, silver, nickel, copper, zinc)

the color

Glossy White ) steadfastness Good and suitable for everyday wear


Requires painting every several years to maintain color and luster

price Slightly higher than the price of gold

مجوهرات الذهب الابيض

Real White Gold

Real White Gold Jewelry

Buyers are usually deceived in jewelry stores in various Arab countries by promoting other similar-looking metals under the name of white gold. Those metals that are used to deceive buyers are lower in price, which allows the merchant to achieve high profits. False information to complete sales.

The color of natural white gold tends to yellow due to the nature of its composition, so a layer of rhodium is added to hide the effects of the yellow color and give it an exceptional and attractive appearance. The rhodium layer also adds strength and hardness to the jewelry.

Accordingly, the color of the rhodium-plated white gold pieces becomes the same as the color of the rhodium used in the plating.

Which is what many goldsmiths exploit to deceive buyers by offering rhodium-plated silver rings as white gold. From a trusted store and make sure to always configure the pieces of jewelry and jewelry before buying.

White gold is not Platinum

Many people circulate false information that white gold is platinum, which is completely wrong. We stress that gold is a completely different metal from platinum. Here is the difference between them as follows:

White gold platinum


Composition Gold is a major component (40 % Until 99%) In addition to other elements Platinum is a major element (99 % – 98 %) in addition to other elements

(Hardness)based on gold karat 3.5 MOS


It is usually paintedIt is not usually painted

the color

White with a glossy luster

White with a lustrous luster

care Requires repainting every few years No repainting required Painting


a variableTop 59 % of the price of white gold

Available more than platinum

Twice less available than white gold


P, 05K, 25 K, K, 22K, 05K


How hard is white gold

The hardness and strength of white gold are based on several factors including

The materials with which gold was mixed


the size

White Gold Ring Shape

Substances are added to white gold as is done in all types of gold until it acquires strength and hardness that contribute to increasing its wearability. Without these materials, gold becomes soft and smooth, easy to scratch and to break. Based on these additives, the gold’s caliber and hardness are determined.

The higher the carat, the lower the hardness of the jewellery, and therefore the lower the carat, the higher the hardness. For example, a ring of white gold caliber 557 Less hard than a white gold ring 18. If we assume the presence of two pieces of white gold, both of which have the same properties except for the size, the larger piece is the more hard and strong. For example, if there are two pieces of white gold earrings, one of them is rhodium-plated and the other is not plated, the unplated piece will be less hard than the plated piece. Note: Rhodium plating fades over time and requires periodic repainting. Therefore, the color of the original white gold turns into a yellowish-white color. White gold contains nickel in its composition, which is a cause of allergies and skin infections in some. Wearing rhodium-plated white gold will help protect you from exposure to the nickel in white gold. It is worth noting here that not all white gold pieces contain nickel in their composition, as it uses other alternative metals that do not cause allergies, such as silver. White Gold Carats


The percentage of pure gold

Percentage of other minerals
white gold karat


95% 95%

white gold karat

98% 99 %

white gold karat 2687 Carats

95%22%White gold caliber 24 Carats (%


white gold karat Carats


How to calculate the percentage of pure gold in white gold?

This is done by dividing the carat of your white gold piece by 24 It is the highest value of the gold carat. If you have a piece of white gold karat 557 Divide

on 24 You will find the result is 99 percent, which is the percentage of pure gold in the piece, while the 40 The remaining percent includes other metals.

The decision between white gold and yellow gold is a personal one for each customer, as everyone has different tastes and perspectives. If you pick white gold, we recommend that it be made of non-allergic metals or plated with rhodium, because the plating’s lifespan is mostly determined by use, which typically varies from one to three years. This period does not necessarily apply to all pieces of white gold jewellery, since the paint may fade within days if your hands are frequently exposed to sand or water, and the paint may survive for many years if the proper circumstances are present to maintain it.

Are there types of white gold that do not require repainting every period?

The short answer is no, all white gold pieces will turn yellow after a while, which is a sign that it is genuine.

The preservation of the rhodium plating added to your white gold piece depends on several factors:

pH Skin
The fabrics you wear
The detergents you use
Pollution rate in the area
The nature of the daily workhat you do during Wearing a piece of jewelry

Can white gold be repainted easily?

Of course, you can do this at all stores and specialized centers at a low cost.

White gold is more solid and stronger than yellow gold of the same fineness due to its composition. White gold is the greatest metal to use with transparent diamonds because it glows, has an exquisite appearance, and is really appealing. However, if you have a yellow-colored diamond, it is recommended to use yellow gold with it, as white gold will accentuate the clarity of the yellow hue in the diamond.

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