Zircon stone: characteristics, colors and meaning of the name with pictures

Zircon stone belongs to a wide group of minerals known as neosilicates that contain both silicon and oxygen in their formation. The neosilicates group contains variants of beryl, granite, andalusite, kyanite, olivine, tanzanite and topaz. Zircon stone is also the main raw material for the element zirconium, which is one of the shiny minerals whose color is one of the degrees between white and gray. Diamonds are acquired by people due to the high degree of iridescence in it, as well as its refraction indicators. It was often previously marketed and sold under a false trade name as a “Matura diamond” stone. Zircon is a dense stone that shows a significant level of refraction. Its hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Zircon stone as a substitute for diamonds in the jewelry industry

In addition to what was mentioned, the Zircon is one of the most important minerals, as it is the oldest minerals on earth , and samples of it were found in Australia It is more than 4.4 billion years old. And the scientists discovered that the zircon stone actually contains trace amounts of the elements uranium and thorium . Both of these elements are extremely important as they are the cause of the huge differences in the physical properties of zircon.

stone name Zircon, Zirconium
Quality semi-precious stone
chemical classification nisosilicate
Chemical formula ZrSiO4
degree of hardness 7.5 mo
refractive index 1.925 to 1.961
1.980 to 2.015
specific density 4.6 to 4.7
Crystal System Tabular – Prismatic crystals, irregular grains, massive
Cleavage 110 and 111
Fracture Oyster, mixed
the sparkle vitreous, addictive
Transparency transparent, opaque
Colors white, transparent, multicolor
Melting temperature 2550 degrees Celsius

Elegant Design Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

  1. Zircon stone properties
  2. name of the stone Zircon, Zirconium Quality Semi-precious stone
  3. Chemical classification Nisosilicates Chemical formula
  4. ZrSiO4
  5. The degree of hardness 7.5 mousse
  6. Refractive index 1. 1021 up to 1. 1.3620 up to 2.
  7. specific density
  8. 4.6 to 4.7 Crystal System Tabular – prismatic crystals, irregular grains , huge Cleavage
  9. 120 And 111 Fracture Oyster, Variant
  10. (Sparkle)
  11. glass, addictive
  12. Transparency
  13. transparent, opaque Al and that white, transparent, multi-colored Melting temperature ) 3622 Celsius degree
  14. zircon stone close-up
  15. Zircon stone colors
  16. Transparent
  17. white
  18. reddish brown
  19. (pink)
  20. yellow
  21. orange
  22. green
  23. blue
  24. lead
  25. transparent
  26. light brown

This stone is found in a variety of beautiful colors. In its purest form, it is translucent white in color, but due to the possibility of the presence of impurities in it, it can also exist in various other exciting and wonderful colors, including color n yellow, orange, red, green, blue, violet, brown, as well as other groups that fall between these colors. The yellow-orange brown color and the red color in addition to the transparent are the most common and most abundant colors of zircon stone .

zircon stone shape Blue

The blue color is the most popular Among all those colors, its color is obtained by heating brown zircon stone until the color reaches blue, and it is usually extracted from mines located in Cambodia and Burma. However, some types of brown zircon have the appropriate physical structure to turn blue when heated. The deposits of these materials are usually found in Southeast Asia and here lies the reason for the presence of most zircon stones in Cambodia or Burma.

Elegant Yellow Zircon Ring

Because of the multi-colour property; It can appear blue-green from some angles. As for the pure dark blue zircon stones of medium sizes, they are the most valuable species , and they are usually acquired by those born in the month of December because of their relationship with horoscopes and astronomy . Green zircon is considered the rarest ever among other types and colors of zircon stones, and it is considered the most expensive among them.

  1. Natural white zircon stone
  2. Zircon Extraction Places

Here are the places where it is located It has zircon stone mines and it is extracted as follows:

(Australia – the largest country in which zircon is extracted, where it is extracted on average) thousand tons annually, equivalent to half of the world production

South Africa – comes in second place, where it is extracted annually (One thousand tons on average) China – extracted from it 342 thousand tons annually Indonesia – is extracted 342 A thousand tons of zircon have a tooth Oh


  1. Mozambique – extracted from it
  2. thousand tons annually, and the extracted quantities are increasing over Continuously every year India – extracted from it
  3. thousand tons annually Average
  4. USA – It is extracted in Florida in limited quantities
  5. Russia
  6. Vietnam
  7. Nigeria Burma – Myanmar (Ukraine)
  8. Brazil
  9. Egypt
  10. Malaysia

Zircon is the oldest gemstone on earth Even the samples that were found are older than the geological age of the moon itself! Which was formed about four billion years ago, and it is the first stone that was formed in molten granite and was subsequently cooled to form in rocks.

White zircon stone is the first substitute for diamonds

Most of the deposits of zircon stones are alluvial. As for the best source of green zircon stones of high quality, it is “Sri Lanka”. Specimens have also been found in Burma (Myanmar), and known deposits of stone are found in Cambodia, although Australia has the oldest and largest deposits of it which dates back more than 4.4 billion years.

  1. The shape of a white gold ring inlaid with zircon stone
  2. Global Zircon Reserves Here is a list that shows the reserves of zircon Global in order as follows:
  3. Australia – 40000 Tons
  4. South Africa – (tons)
  5. India – 3622 Tons
  6. Mozambique – 2017 Tons
  7. United States of America – 500 Tons
  8. China – 500 Tonsother countries – Tons

Zircon stones are produced safe from the radiations of each of the uranium elements. The radioactive molten and thorium, which cause a change in the physical composition of zircon, through their effect on the crystals of the stone and its density. These stones usually take a green to brown color. It is worth noting that it is common to see green zircon stones in the gem trade, where there is a great demand for them.

An elegant design zircon ring

Zircon stone is one of the stones The unfamous semi-precious, as when you hear the name for the first time, you may not know it, and you may feel surprised by the name of the stone because it is unfamiliar or common, and yet it is one of the most widely used gemstones today as a natural alternative to diamond.

One of the common fallacies is that people often confuse the zircon stone with the synthetic diamond “cubic zirconium stone”. Of course, the two stones are completely different from each other; As the cubic zirconium stone is one of the artificial stones made in laboratories, while the zircon stone is one of the natural stones that are formed in the arms of nature with a completely different chemical composition.

(Appearance of natural zircon stone

What is the meaning of the word zircon?

The name of the zircon stone comes from the Persian word “zargun” which means “golden color” and this is regardless of whether the stone comes In a variety of other colors. And its colorless and transparent shape makes it mimic diamond stone because of the degree of luster and iridescence.

Zircon gemstone in yellow and blue color

Getting to know the zircon stone

Zircon stones are zirconium silicate by virtue of their formation and method of formation. This stone has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other gemstones that lie in its characteristics related to gemology, which appear in a variety of factors, including:

Its hardness is from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, as we mentioned.

Sparkle and Appearance The symbols written on the stone, if any


Zircon stones can also be distinguished easily by determining the degree of refraction note stone; When we look at the bottom of the stone, the effect of the double edges of the face can be seen smoothly.

Zircon has relatively high refractive indices, and a distinctive density ratio , determining it according to the values ​​helps to identify it.

How to Zircon stone cleaning and care

Zircon stone can become dirty Faster than real diamonds because it differs in composition, and needs to be cleaned regularly.

It is wise to wear the zircon stone with caution and take it off when performing usual tasks Such as washing, cleaning and bathing.

Chemicals and soap affect the zircon and make it fade quickly.Avoid using lotion, hairspray, make-up, powders and detergents while wearing zircon jewelry.

A good way to clean cubic zirconia is to use A small soft brush, hot water and soap to remove dirt.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth. This will restore the zircon stone to its natural luster and purity.

Cleaning should be done every few weeks to maintain the luster and attractiveness of the zircon stone.

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